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Bob Bater MCLIP

Bob Bater specializes in the design, specification, development and implementation of solutions for the organization and management of knowledge and information. He combines extensive experience of business management systems with a wide range of information science and IT skills, providing a broad competence base from which to build effective solutions serving the real needs of knowledge workers.

During the course of a 40-year career in a number of different sectors, Bob has built a broad perspective on knowledge and information use. After ten years in his initial career as a scientist, Bob qualified in information science at the College of Librarianship Wales in the mid-1970s. A number of roles in the information sector, particularly those of Technical Librarian at Monenco Ltd., an international firm of consulting engineers, and Documentation Librarian at British Aerospace, provided invaluable experience in information systems development, industrial information management and computing, including the introduction of SGML-based document production procedures at BAe. In the mid-1980s, he became IT Manager for the NHS Training Directorate, growing the role over the ensuing eight years to become first Information Systems Manager and finally Information Manager. Bob left the NHS in 1994 to set up InfoPlex Associates, a networked knowledge and information management consultancy.

During the 1990s, he developed a methodology for Knowledge Mapping based upon action research and process modelling which has been successfully applied in a number of cases. This has recently been extended to include the mapping of knowledge, skill and experience required by individual roles. He brings a number of discrete skills to this 'Third Order' knowledge mapping, including the development of enterprise ontologies, taxonomies and thesauri, and knowledge elicitation. Lately, he has focused on the application to knowledge organization of metadata schemes, associative databases, and the new XML-based technologies such as RDF, XSLT and XTM (Topic Maps).

Bob has presented seminars regularly for a number of years, including Aslib's Knowledge Mapping seminar in which he is co-presenter, and the same organization's KnowledgeWare on Trial of which he is Course Director. He has delivered training courses on a wide range of topics, from relational database development to intranet technology and has written a number of articles on such topics as knowledge mapping, metadata, the ecology of knowledge and the Associative Model of Data. Bob lives in Bristol with his partner and a 15 year-old son. When not working on an assignment, he likes nothing better than rambling in the Welsh mountains, or in inclement weather, playing his guitar.

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