Listed here are Powerpoint presentations that are available for viewing (PDF format - all presentations open in a new window). These are a selection from the presentations that have been delivered by David Skyrme during the period 1996-2003. Where indicated, synopses and papers are available as well as the slides. See also the articles page which has some additional conference papers and related articles.

Recently added: Audio recording of 'The Future of Knowledge Management' (Knowledge Summit 1998) (mp3; 22 mins; 17Mb) - see Powerpoint presentation and article below. Check how good (or bad) my predictions were!

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management in Practice: A general overview for managers and new knowledge teams with an emphasis on practical strategies and examples (1998).
Knowledge Management: The Practice and the Pitfalls: Covers similar ground to the above but is more detailed and covers more KM practices. This was delivered as a module from 1999-2005 on a 1-day KM course run by Aslib (2005).
Making The Business Case For Knowledge Management: As simple as ABC?: An outline of three main approaches - Asset, Benefits and Cost-effectiveness, delivered at Building A Knowledge Organisation, OGC Conference, London (2001).
An expanded and updated version of this presentation was delivered on the launch of NetIKX which evolved from the Aslib IRM Network (2007).
See also:Related Article (archive website)
KM: Theory Meets Practice: A keynote presentation delivered at KM2003. Opportunities and Pitfalls in KM research from a practitioners perspective (2003).
Fad or Fundamental? Making Knowledge Work for You: Another general introduction, but aimed at information specialists (1998).
See also the notes to accompany this presentation entitled Knowledge Management: A Fad or a Ticket to Ride?
Knowledge Management: Beneath the Fad: Covers the same overview as the above presentation, but delves more into the innovation process and has different case studies. Delivered at Technology Strategy Forum, RSA London (9 Dec 1998).
Communicating Knowledge: The KM Challenge: A presentation aimed at corporate and market communications professionals delivered at a seminar in Utrecht 'Communications Meets Knowledge Management' (2003).
Project Knowledge: Where Did It Go? An overview of KM for Project Managers; first delivered to the Thames Valley Branch of the Project Managers Association (2003).
K-Commerce: Commercializing Knowledge: The evolution of knowledge markets and how to package and exploit your knowledge assets. Knowledge Summit '99, London (1999).
See also: Synopsis
From Measurement Myopia to Knowledge Leadership: How to measure intellectual assets and justify knowledge management. Performance Measurement for Knowledge Management, Access Conferences International, London, and IQPC, New York (1999).
See also: Synopsis
Knowledge Futures - Methods, Markets and Management: How the knowledge agenda is evolving and some key questions. Knowledge Summit 98, Business Intelligence, London (5-6 Nov 1998). There is an accompanying mp3 audio recording of this presentation. See also the related article The Future of Knowledge Management.
Knowledge Management: Where From? Where To?: A review of the development of knowledge management given to MIS directors. Also the first of several presentations covering ten key themes (2004).
Information Managers: Do We Need Them?: A presentation delivered to the Online Information Conference regarding the skills of librarians and information managers (2004). See also the full conference paper.
Pathways for Information Managers: Gateways or Dead-Ends?: A presentation to UKeIG which expands on the above by considering four scenarios of different futures for the information manager (2005).
The A to Z of Knowledge Management Technology: Around the KM Tech World in 80 minutes: A light-hearted (but serious) presentation given to management consultants when David Skyrme was one of the associates of Cornwell Management Consultants. Cornwell became a subsidary of Serco in 2007. (2007: 3.7Mb file).
A two-part article explaining the A-Z in more detail can be found on our archive, starting at I3 Update No. 65. Note - as is inevitable with technology, several of the products and companies mentioned no longer exist.

Virtual Teaming and Networking

The Realities of Virtuality: 25 Principles of Proven Practice: How to create and run effective virtual teams. Charleston, West Virginia (26-27 May 1999).
See also Synopsis and the Team Toolkit: 25 Principles for Highly Effective Knowledge Teams
Virtual Knowledge Teams and Global Flexible Working, Future Work Forum, Henley (4 March 1999). Rethinking space, time and processes in a globally interconnected knowledge economy.
Knowledge Networking - Succeeding with Collaborative Technologies', Online Collaboration, ICEF, Berlin, 9-10 June (1998). See also presentation Synopsis.
Global Knowledge Networking: The Use and Abuse of Technology: Virtual networks, with a focus on R&D; also a review of the role of technology (1998).
See also Synopsis.

Flexible Working

Flexible Working - Reaping the Benefits: Frameworks for considering flexible working and teleworing (telecommuting options) with case study material from Digital (DEC). Delivered at the conference The Best of Both Worlds, Industrial Society, London (Sept 1993).
See also Synopsis and related paper Teleworking: Achieving the Business Benefits
The Teleworker's Toolkit: Navigating the Technology Maze: It's quite instructive to see how much technology has changed, and yet almost all the tools we use today existed in some form over 15 years ago. What hasn't changed is the management aspects of the toolkit. Delivered at Flexible Working Conference, IBC, London (5-6 Dec 1994).

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KM: practice and pitfalls
KM presentation

A presentation (PDF) that goes through the elements of a KM initiative including several of the most useful practices for sharing and managing knowledge

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