Knowledge Networking
Knowledge Networking:
Creating the Collaborative Enterprise

David J. Skyrme


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Book Updates

This Knowledge Networking website provides updates and feedback space for readers of this book, researched and written by David Skyrme and published by Butterworth-Heinemann in 1999. If you have not yet read this book, check out the details and get yourself a copy. Knowledge Networking has been described as "one of the best collations of examples of knowledge management available in one place".

To read the updates, click on the links to the relevant chapter number on the purple menu bar on the left - if you hover over the link you will see the chapter title.

About The Updates

The updates are provided chapter-by-chapter and are designed to be read in conjunction with the book. They are commentary on significant developments in the knowledge movement since early 1999. The majority of the book is as valid today as when it was when written e.g. the 'tool-kits' have proven valuable with only minor variations over the last ten years. Inevitably company strategies change and their names change or disappear (c.f. Price Waterhouse, BP, Digital) perhaps due to mergers and demergers (see the section on Continual Reconfiguration in Chapter 1). We have not attempted to track these changes in detail, particularly if the main messages and lessons as written in the book are still valid.

More significantly, as highlighted in Chapter 1, technology moves on apace. Due to our ongoing monitoring programme, we have kept abreast of these changes. The updates to Chapters 1 and 3 in particular give you our analysis of such developments and their implications for knowledge networking. Chapters 4 and 9 dealing with virtualization and public policy also contain significant updates due to the rapid growth in electronic commerce.

Note. Page numbers in the Updates refer to pages in the book.

Your Feedback

These Web pages are designed to open up a channel of communication between you the reader and me the author. Simply send your questions and emails to me using the appropriate hypertext links on each Web page. These inputs will be summarized from time to time, and selected feedback published in full or in part. If you do not wish your feedback to be made public or attributed, then please state clearly at the start of your email. At this stage it is not intended to offer an interactive discussion list, although that might be considered if there was sufficient interest.

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