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We are developing our new online shop which we hope to launch in Spring 2013 in conjunction with updating all our products. This page therefore shows our backlist, many of which continue to prove relevant and popular even though a few years old. We can supply these to those who can do bank transfers and cheques in UKP (£Sterling) or pay through Paypal (which also provides facilities to use credit/debit cards).

Until our automated K-Shop is up and running we are offering a 20%-40% discount on the prices shown, depending on how outdated the content is. So please email us first to get latest pricing information. Your request will be dealt with manually so service may be slow during vacation times. Please include the word 'K-Shop' in the Subject of your email to for speedier response. See also other contact details.

Featured items are shown below. Click on 'Description' for further details. For a complete list see the separate sections on Knowledge Briefings (strategic overviews for executives), K-Guides ("how to" guides for KM professionals), tools, reports and books.


Featured Item  

New K-Guide:

Knowing What You Know:
How to conduct a knowledge audit

Knowing what you know - or need to know - is an important building block in a knowledge initiative. This K-Guide takes you through the practical steps of conducting an audit, what pitfalls to avoid, and how to communicate the results in the most effective way.

50 pages; PDF; US$20. Details.

Knowledge Briefings - K Guides - Tools - Reports  



These Briefings outline successful strategies for challenging management problems.

Measuring The Value of Knowledge.

This briefing describes, compares and contrasts four main approaches to measuring the value of knowledge and knowledge management. Good coverage is given to recent developments in measuring intellectual capital. A comparison table of over 30 methods provides links to useful resources. There are also practical guidelines and pitfalls to avoid.     

22 pages; PDF; US$20. Details.

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These K-Guides offer insights and practical guidance to practitioners on key KM techniques.

Developing A KM Strategy

This guide explains how to develop a winning knowledge strategy. It outlines the benefits and guides the reader through a 5-step process: information gathering, analysis and diagnosis, planning the apporach, documenting the detail, communicating and gaining acceptance. There are guidelines and case examples including BP, Siemens, Unisys and Xerox.

20 pages; PDF; US$15. Details.

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Practical tools to help you develop your knowledge strategies. Typically 10-20 pages with templates, guidance and examples.

Know-All Assessment

Based on critical success factors in KM, these 50 questions in 10 groups help you assess your KM capabilities. Each group is accompanied by explanatory material and examples of world-class practice. Guidance is given on how to carry out the assessment in practice, along with some real results.

18 pages; Zip (PDF,Word); US$15.

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In-depth reports and books on knowledge management.

Public Sector - Public Knowledge

This report reviews the state of KM in government agencies and its contribution to the challenges they face. New insights from a survey and 35 case studies.

136 pages. PDF only. December 2003.
Price US$195; UK£95; Euro:135.


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KM Intro Pack
A starter pack of two briefings and one K-Guide. Package price -
US$25 (UK£12.50, Euro:16).


Planning Pack

Getting serious about implementation? You'll need our guides to Conducting a Knowledge Audit, Making the Business Case and Developing a KM Strategy all in this specially priced pack.
US$50 (UK£25, Euro:37.50).


Measures Pack

Want to know how you're doing? You'll get all the tools in our specially priced measures pack: Know-All Assessment, Measuring the Value of Knowledge and the KM benefits tree tool.
US$40 (UK£20, Euro:27.50).


Top Sellers 

More popular than ever - and just updated - this 50 question assessment helps you gauge the effectiveness of your KM activities. Use as a year-on-year benchmark.
US$15, UK£7, Euro:10

Best Practices in Best Practices
Recently ousted from top spot, this ever popular K-Guide has practical tips and case studies.
US$15, UK£7, Euro:10

Developing a KM Strategy
Another popular K-Guide with practical tips on how to develop a successful KM strategy.
US$15, UK£7, Euro:10

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