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Knowledge Briefings

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These briefings outline successful approaches to challenging knowledge management problems.

Main Series

Measuring The Value of Knowledge

Measuring knowledge remains one of the enduring challenges in knowledge management. This briefing explores various approaches exemplified by the acronym ABBA - asset, benefits, baseline and action. Each approach is explained using an example of a specific method. Recent developments in intellectual capital models are reviewed in their wider measurement context. A comparison table lists over 30 different methods. Practicalities, pitfalls, future foresight, points to ponder and links to useful resources all contribute to making this a well-grounded introduction to the subject.

Pages:22. Format: PDF. File size: 222K.
Price: US$20; UK£10; Euro:15.
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Making Sense of Knowledge Management

This fully updated (October 2003) briefing explains the essentials of knowledge management. It traces the evolution of KM and spells out the 'knowledge advantage' - how KM can boost your bottom line. After outlining the steps that senior managers should take to leverage the knowledge in their organization, it explains the critical success factors and identifies common pitfalls. An essential starting point to gaining strategic benefit from knowledge management. Includes examples of effective use of KM as well as details of relevant websites, books and magazines devoted to the subject.

Pages:15. Format: PDF. File size: 166K.
Peek inside (opens in new window): Table of Contents - Sample Page. Price: US$10; UK£5; Euro:7.

Seven Ways to Create Value

This briefing explains how companies can formulate a successful knowledge management strategy that will transform individual knowledge into organisational knowledge, thus increasing the value of the business. The complex nature of knowledge, particularly of tacit knowledge, creates practical difficulties when developing knowledge strategies. The challenge is to turn individual knowledge into organisational knowledge and to lock both explicit and tacit knowledge into the organization. But what are the key levers of a knowledge-based strategy that realize these benefits? Following and introduction to the knowledge dimension of strategy this briefing paper outlines several key levers that can be used to create value for the business: Customer knowledge, Knowledge in Products and Services, Knowledge in People, Knowledge in Processes, Organisational Memory, Knowledge in Relationships and Knowledge Assets.

Additional Information:
Pages:9. Format: Word97. File size: 59K.
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Price: US$10; UK£5; Euro:7.

Virtual Knowledge Teams

Teams are organizational units where most development and complex work takes place. In today's global knowledge-intensive business, these teams are often virtual, being created from talent that may reside anywhere in the world. This creates challenges both for the teams themselves and those that manage them. Every situation and every team is different, so the principles described in this briefing, will need to be adapted to the particular circumstances by each team. This briefing outlines 25 principles in five groups, based upon the writer's own experience of creating and managing virtual knowledge teams. It includes a further reading list and references to relevant websites.

Additional Information:
Pages: 8. Format: Word97. File size: 69K.
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Price: US$10; UK£5; Euro: 7.

The Essentials

101 Things to Know about Knowledge

Our answer to becoming an instant expert. The most commonly asked questions about knowledge management, divided into ten categories, with short answers that will suggest that you are an expert. The categories include Ten Key Concepts, Ten Proven Benefits, Ten Vital Processes, Ten Places to Start, Ten Common Pitfalls. An appendix gives additional background on the key concepts. An essential crib sheet for the aspiring CKO Chief Knowledge Officer).

Additional information:
Pages:16. Format: Word97. File size: 105K.
Peek inside (opens in new window): Table of Contents - Sample Page. Price: US$10. UK£5. Euro: 7.
This item comes as a free bonus with the Briefings Pack and Tools Pack.

Combination Packs

Briefings Pack: Buy all four Main Series Briefings for US$40; UK£20 Euro: 27.50; and receive 101 Things to Know About Knowledge as a free bonus. (Sent as single file in ZIP format. Size: 486K).

KM Intro Pack: for those relatively new to KM. Includes:

Special package price including free bonus - 101 Things to Know About KM:
US$25; UK£12.50; Euro: 16. Zip file (354K).

Planning Pack: for those in the early stages of KM and planning implementation. Includes:

Special package price including free bonus - 101 Things to Know About KM:
US$50; UK£25; Euro: 37.50. Zip file (900K).

Measures Pack: our guides and tools for monitoring KM performance and valuing knowledge in one handy package. Includes:

Special package price:
US$40; UK£20; Euro: 27.50. Zip file (364K).

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