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Practical tools to help you improve your knowledge management performance.

Each tool is typically 10-20 pages and comprises templates, guidance and examples. Each costs US$15; UK£7; Euros: 10. For a good deal on several purchases buy our combination packs - details at the bottom of this page.

Know-All Assessment.

50 questions to assess your KM capabilities. They provide a useful diagnosis along ten critical success dimensions. Each group is accompanied by explanatory material and exemplars of world-class practice. Guidance is given on how to carry out the assessment in practice, along with some real results. The simplified 10 question Know-All assessment gives you a flavour of the full version.

newNew edition (Nov 2007) - updated questions and guidance; new case examples; a new section on pitfalls; an additional results sample.

Additional information:
Pages:23. Format: Zip (includes full PDF document and Word templates). File size: 136K.
Price: $15; £7; Euros: 10.
Peek inside (opens new window): Table of Contents - Sample page.

KM Benefits Tree

A benefits tree is a simple but effective tool for showing the 'bottom line' benefits of knowledge management, by showing relationships between immediately visible benefits, through a series of steps to those understood by senior executives. This tool provides a benefits tree template, a 'how to' guide, worked examples, a checklist of common drivers and triggers for knowledge management, checklists of benefits for each category, a discussion of the main 'value propositions' by which knowledge management is commonly justified, and some real examples of benefits achieved.

Additional information:
Pages:18. Format: Word97. File size: 94K.
Price: $15; £7 Euros: 10.
More info (in new window): Table of Contents - Sample page.

The 10Ps of Internet Marketing

Despite the problems of many companies, the Internet is here to stay. E-commerce can bring advantages to every business, and there are few large corporations today that do not have e-business initiatives. However, our analysis shows that many organizations show a lack of understanding of how to market effectively via the Internet. This Knowledge Briefing considers how Internet marketing differs from conventional marketing, and introduces a ten factors that distil the lessons from successful Internet strategies. Each P is described in a structured format that introduces aims, strategies, guidelines, pitfalls, and gives URLs of examples and additional resources. The Briefing also includes a website evaluation template that helps you assess how effective a website is from a marketing perspective.

Additional information:
Pages: 22. Format: Zip (includes full PDF document and Word template). File size: 163K.
Price: US$15; UK£7; Euro: 10.
More info (in new window): Table of Contents - Sample page.

Combination Packs

Tools Pack: buy all three tools in this specially priced pack and get a free bonus 101 Things to Know about Knowledge as a free bonus.
Price: US$35; UK£17.50; Euro: 25. (Sent as single ZIP file; size: 272K).

Planning Pack: for those in the early stages of KM and planning implementation. Includes:

Special package price including free bonus - 101 Things to Know About KM:
US$50; UK£25; Euro: 37.50. Zip file (900K).

Measures Pack: our guides and tools for monitoring KM performance and valuing knowledge in one handy package. Includes:

Special package price:
US$40; UK£20; Euro: 27.50. Zip file (364K).

Top Sellers 

More popular than ever - and just updated - this 50 question assessment helps you gauge the effectiveness of your KM activities. Use as a year-on-year benchmark.
US$15, UK£7, Euro:10

Best Practices in Best Practices
Recently ousted from top spot, this ever popular K-Guide has practical tips and case studies.
US$15, UK£7, Euro:10

Developing a KM Strategy
Another popular K-Guide with practical tips on how to develop a successful KM strategy.
US$15, UK£7, Euro:10

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