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Listed here are Powerpoint presentations that are available for viewing (PDF format - all presentations open in a new window). These are a selection from the presentations that have been delivered and where synopses, papers or related articles are available. There are also outlines of presentations that can be customized for different audiences or expanded into half or full-day workshops.


Kalediscopic Knowledge

Knowledge Management in Practice: A general overview for managers and new knowledge teams with an emphasis on practical strategies and examples.

Making The Business Case For Knowledge Management: As simple as ABC?: An outline of three main approaches - Asset, Benefits and Cost-effectiveness
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KM: Theory Meets Practice: A keynote presentation delivered at KM2003. Opportunities and Pitfalls in KM research from a practitioners perspective.
See also News item

Fad or Fundamental? Making Knowledge Work for You: Another general introduction, but aimed at information specialists.
See also: Synopis

Communicating Knowledge: The KM Challenge: A presentation aimed at corporate and market communications professionals delivered at a seminarin Utrecht 'Communications Meets Knowledge Management'.

Project Knowledge: Where Did It Go? An overview of KM for Project Managers; first delivered to the Thames Valley Branch of the Project Managers Association.

K-Commerce: Commercializing Knowledge: The evolution of knowledge markets and how to package and exploit your knowledge assets
See also: Synopsis

From Measurement Myopia to Knowledge Leadership: How to measure intellectual assets and justify knowledge management
See also: Synopsis

The Future of Knowledge Management: How the knowledge agenda is evolving and some key questions.

Virtuous Virtualization

The Realities of Virtuality: 25 Principles of Proven Practice: How to create and run effective virtual teams.
See also Synopsis

Global Knowledge Networking: Virtual networks, with a focus on R&D; also a review of the role of technology.
See also Synopsis.

Conditions of Use

You can view these presentations in Adobe reader. Please respect our copyright and do not make multiple copies, install on an intranet or other website, or use for commercial purposes without seeking permission. If you are in doubt, please read the copyright terms and conditions.

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