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This page provides an overview of the publications available from David Skyrme Associates. These include Knowledge Briefings (overviews of key knowledge topics), K-Guides and Tools ("how to" guides and practical tools for KM practitioners), Reports (in-depth studies), and books. These publications are available at our online Knowledge Shop. There is also a wealth of free publications and presentations available for download from this site.

Knowledge Briefings

We and our partners publish a series of highly focussed Knowledge Briefings and other downloadable items (at K-Shop) including:

K-Guides and Tools

These guides offer insights and practical guidance for the practitioner charged with implementing specific KM practices. Each guide has a definiton and overview, a step-by-step process, guidelines, pitfalls, cases and examples and list of resources.


In-depth reports written or published by us.

Public Sector - Public Knowledge, David J Skyrme (March 2004).

This report reviews the state of KM in government agencies and its contribution to the challenges they face. New insights from a survey and 35 case studies.
Further Details

Measuring Knowledge and Intellectual Capital, David J. Skyrme (May 2003).
An update to our 1997 ground-breaking report, it reviews the challenges of measurement in the areas of intangibles, knowledge and KM performance. Over 30 models and 35 cases give insights into this critical but difficult KM topic.
Further Details.


Knowledge Networking: Creating the Collaborative Enterprise, David Skyrme, Butterworth-Heinemann (1999).
"One of the best examples of knowledge management practice available in one place". Further Details.

Capitalizing on Knowledge: from e-business to k-business, David Skyrme, Butterworth-Heinemann (2001). Gives professionals and managers insights into how to commercialize knowledge assets, including selling knowledge online.
"..most impressive coverage, with illustrative and practical references, on an emerging very important value space - creation and growth of knowledge business..." (Leif Edvinsson, Professor of Knowledge Economics, Lund University, Sweden). Further Details.

Free Publications

You will find many publications free at this site, including:

Check also the The Knowledge Map and Topic Index pages for categorized links.

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