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Capitalizing on Knowledge: From e-business to k-business

David J. Skyrme

Cover Capitalizing on Knowledge, published by Butterworth-Heinemann, gives professionals and managers early insights into how to develop successful k-businesses. A k-business is one that turns an organization's knowledge assets into knowledge products and services and uses the Internet to market and deliver them online. It takes a critical and balanced view of the building blocks of a k-business including knowledge productizing, e-commerce enablers and Internet marketing. It draws on lessons from successes and failures and of the early pioneers of knowledge markets.

Visit the Capitalizing on Knowledge pages for updates and feedback.

Companion Book - Knowledge Networking: Creating the Collaborative Enterprise; a practical holistic view of knowledge management, virtualworking and the Internet, with practical toolkits for individuals, teams, enterprises and virtual organizations.

Capitalizing on Knowledge provides a blend of theory and practice, introducing concepts and frameworks in an easily understandable way, explained through practical guidelines and many examples. Particular features are:

  • Models and frameworks that guide strategy development
  • Diagrams and screen images to illustrate key principles
  • Check lists to help guide practical implementation
  • 12 full length cases studies
  • Nearly 50 knowledge nuggets illustrating good practice
  • 'Points to ponder' to stimulate thinking and decision-making
  • Evaluation templates to assess your own organization's k-business readiness and capabilities

No other book brings all the elements of a k-business together in one place to provide a thought-provoking yet practical companion for individuals and organizations who want to capitalize on their knowledge.

What Reviewers Say About Capitalizing on Knowledge

"Writtten by one of the original KM practitioners, the book is easy to read and has a down-to-earth practical flavour." (Tony Brewer, Director, IMPACT e-Business Network)
"David Skyrme has observed and reflected on the KM community from its inception and he has acquired a better overview of the practices of knowledge management than any one I know. This is a very rich book; as full of useful insights as it is free of hype! A must-read for any aspiring knowledge capitalist." (Dr. Karl-Erik Sveiby)
"The book is a comprehensive source of insights and inspiration from someone who has been there. Skyrme is a true practitioner with a deep understanding of the forces behind the future knowledge business and its vast opportunities." (Klas Mellander, Chief learning designer, Celemi)
"Anyone seriously interested in knowledge commerce can benefit greatly from David Skyrme's ground breaking exploration of the intellectual capital fission and fusion being ignited in the emergence of the next generation e-knowledge market frontier.." (Bryan Davis, President, The Kaieteur Institute For Knowledge Management)
"Deeply pragmatic without being patronising - a fascinating exploration of the gritty, practical end of engaging in the Knowledge Economy". (David Snowden, Director (EMEA), IBM Institute for Knowledge Management)
"Knowledge is at the heart of wealth creation. Capitalizing on Knowledge is a most impressive coverage, with illustrative and practical references, on an emerging very important value space - creation and growth of knowledge business..." (Leif Edvinsson, Professor of Knowledge Economics, Lund University, Sweden)


Chapter 1. Knowledge Inside-Out
The evolving knowledge agenda
Value through knowledge
Beyond knowledge management
Commercializing knowledge

Chapter 2. E-business: A Platform for Knowledge
From EDI to Internet commerce
Knowledge on the Internet
Internet innovations winners and losers
The agility gap

Chapter 3. K-business: New Markets, New Models
What kind of k-supplier are you?
From fee to free
From free to fee
Which model is best?

Chapter 4. Online Knowledge Markets
Do knowledge markets exist?
The attractions of markets
What makes a good knowledge market?
Potential and pitfalls

Chapter 5. Productizing Knowledge
Knowledge in products and services
People-based services
Object-based knowledge products
Knowledge hybrids
Completing the knowledge package
The process of productizing
Manage Your Workspace

Chapter 6. Marketing Revisited
What's the same, what's different?
Know your customer
Expect unexpected competitors
Is your company k-ready?
Products: emergent and evolving
Prices: declining and dynamic
Place: cyberspace
Promotion: individual and interactive
The knowledge of marketing

Chapter 7. The 10Ps of Internet Marketing
Packaging: open or closed?
Portals: gateways to knowledge
Pages: making an impression
Progression: from free to fee
Payments: a virtual necessity
Performance: the bottom line
The marketing cycle revisited

Chapter 8. Developing a K-business
What makes a good k-business?
A good business concept
Incubation: nurturing the idea
The z-factor: putting it all together
The customer experience
Operational excellence
Moving on: evolving and adapting

Chapter 9. Directions and Dilemmas
Innovation unleashed
The upside-down enterprise
Artificial or human intelligence?
How do we value knowledge?
Whose knowledge is it anyway?
Do we need a WKO?
The meta-knowledge economy?
Sustaining the networked knowledge economy

Cases and Nuggets

Cases and examples featured include:, Arthur Andersen, BASF, Chase Manhattan, Cisco,, DrKoop, Enron,, Ernst & Young, First Tuesday, Goodstory, HP,, KPMG, MatchCo, NASA, Porsche, Proctor & Gamble, Reuters, Shell, Siemens, Teltech, Scottish Knowledge, Virgin, Zurich.

Details and Ordering Information

Capitalizing on Knowledge: From e-business to k-business, David J. Skyrme, Butterworth-Heinemann.(2001).
280 pp. Paperback.
ISBN: 0-7506-5011-7
List Price: UK £19.99; US $24.95.
Publication date: June 2001.

Once you have the book, you can keep up with developments at the Capitalizing on Knowledge website.

To place an order.

Orders can be placed at or (These links take you straight to the relevant page). Alternatively visit the Butterworth-Heinemann Knowledge Management pages.

Related Publications and Services

David Skyrme Associates provides consultancy services and workshops that provide more personalized knowledge on winning strategies and effective 'how-tos' for knowledge management. Please email (or telephone +44 1635 253545).

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