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KM in the Legal Profession

Leveraging Knowledge for Enhanced Profitability

Robert Bater

A Report in the Knowledge Insight Series
In Association with Ark Group, publishers of Inside Knowledge magazine (formerly Knowledge Management.

A number of factors have changed the rules by which the legal services sector must operate. Law firms can only respond by acknowledging that legal practice is a knowledge-based business. While KM is not new to the profession, there is strong evidence that its benefits, processes and practices are not yet sufficiently understood.

This report examines the challenges facing the profession and the radical changes that are needed. Based on research, surveys, opionions of experts and examples from pioneering firms, it explores such questions as: "How should a KM programme be initiated? Who should be involved? What are the pre-codnitions for avoiding failure? This report guides you through a framework for identifying your key knowledge assets and how to leverage them to achieve better business results.

  • Insights into latest thinking and trends
  • Explains the challenges legal practices face
  • What the experts say
  • Analysis of success factors
  • How to justify and implement KM
  • Balancing people, processes and technology
  • Case studies and examples
  • Frameworks, models and methodologies
This report provides an enlightened discussion of the major challenges facing the legal profession in the second millennium and the vital contribtuion that knowledge management can make, not only to your firm's survival, but also to its future success.


1. Introduction

2. The Future A'int What It Used To Be
- A new paradigm for legal services
- The future of law
- The dimensions of change
- Disruptive technologies

3. KM in Legal Practice
- Why do KM at all? - Creating a KM vision
- Justifying KM
- Components of success

4. Reconstructing the Law Firm
- Factors for change
- Remodelling the business
- Changing the culture
- Supporting the business
- The role of IT
- KM and business risk

5. Frameworks, Models and Methodologies
- Know what you know: knowledge mapping, knowledge auditing
- Collaborative working
- Managing costs and measuring benefits
- Managing performance
- The KM maturity model
- People-capability maturity model
- The future landscape


  • eLaw Forum, Donns Solicitors, Siemens
  • Barnett's Solicitors, Eversheds, Bevan Ashford
  • DERA, DSTL, DuPont Legal
  • KnexaSolutions, Texas Instruments, Unipart
  • Ernst & Young, TelTech, The Law Society
  • .. plus the views of many practitioners, experts, consultants and researchers from many organisations.

Details and Ordering Information

KM in the Legal Profession: Leveraging Knowledge for Enhanced Productivity
Robert Bater
published by Ark Group in association with David Skyrme Associates.
Pages: 203.

Price: UK£395 ; US $695; Euro: 545. (Postage and Packing free).

To place an order.

David Skyrme Associates no longer markets the hard-copy version of this report. Please contact the publishers direct on +44 (0) 20 8785 2700.

PDF Version

A PDF verion is in preparation and will be available from us.

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David Skyrme Associates provides consultancy services and workshops that provide more personalized knowledge on winning strategies and effective 'how-tos' for knowledge management.

Our associate - Bob Bater - works with us in providing consultancy services that focus on practical KM implementations.

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