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There are separate pages giving answers to FAQs for knowledge specialists, general managers, policy makers, consultants and researchers / students.

FAQs - Knowledge Professionals

My Organization Wants to Implement Knowledge Management Fast. Where Do I Start?

Quite often, after months or even years of skepticism, senior management wants an instantaneous knowledge management solution. Knowledge management is so pervasive and involves so many things that it takes many years to embed into an organization's practices and culture. However, I have yet to find an organization that is not already carrying out some good knowledge management practices, even though they may be called something different. A useful starting point is to find those pockets of excellence and bring the experts together into a supportive knowledge network. Its first task is to promote good practice, articulate the knowledge agenda, identify potential 'quick-wins' and find senior business sponsors to support your pilot initiatives. Things you might find useful are the Know-All assessment, the K-Guide: Developing a KM Strategy or the KM Planners Pack.

What Tools and Techniques Really Work?

Information and communications technologies play an important role in managing knowledge. We have analyzed the main software tools into Trend and Categories, ranging from mind mapping to groupware. See also the more recent A-Z of Knowledge Technology.

Equally or even more important are people-focused knowledge sharing practices, such as knowledge networking, and communities of practice

. You will find more information on these and other techniques in the tools section of this website, and also in our K-Guides.

What are the Critical Success Factors in Implementing Knowledge Management?

Generally a holistic approach is required that aligns business, organizational factors (such as culture), technology and knowledge. You will find a summary in Guidelines for Success. Other practical guidance can be found in the article Knowledge Management: Making It Work.

How Do I Keep Abreast of the Latest Developments?

In the past we would have said subscribe to I3 Update, our monthly newsletter. However, since the author (David Skyrme) is now semi-retired, this is no longer published (you can read the archive though). Therefore we suggest the following:

Looking for something light-hearted?

Have a look at Knowledge Mismanagement - The Facts and The Myths, and the Knowledge Trivia Quiz.

If we have not addressed your specific question in the above sections, please put your question in the FAQ feedback form. We will regularly review and modify these FAQs where necessary, based on the number and type of questions received.

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