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The volume of written material on knowledge management is causing many people to suffer from 'knowledge overload'. This website, with the equivalent of several book's worth of material, and growing, is no exception. This page lists key content pages alphabetically by topic under four main themes - Knowledge/Knowledge Management, Internet/MIS, Virtual Working, Innovation & Management. In the interests of space some of our older source material has been omitted.

Other ways of navigating this site are via K-Map (a knowledge route map) and Search. There are also FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and resource pages, including a list of our articles and presentations, and the I3 UPDATE archive.

Knowledge / Knowledge Management

The New Context

The Knowledge Agenda

Core Knowledge

Knowledge Leadership

Knowledge Strategies

Knowledge Commercialization, Knowledge Markets

Knowledge Culture, Skills, Functions, Communities

Practices, Processes and Techniques

Knowledge Technologies & Software

Measuring and Valuing (Intellectual Capital)

See also Innovation

Cases / Companies

Every K-Guide includes several small case studies.

Creating the Knowledge-based Business includes full cases on Anglian Water, Buckman Laboratories, Booz Allen & Hamilton, CIGNA, Department of Trade and Industry (UK), Dow, Glaxo Wellcome, Hoffman La Roche, Monsanto, Price Waterhouse, Skandia, Steelcase, Thomas Miller & Co., as well as caselets on Analog Devices, BP, Ernst & Young, Hewlett-Packard, Hoechst Celanese, Sharp, and Teltech Resources.

Global Perspectives



Central and South America

North America

Near &Far East

Miscellaneous Mind Stretchers

Virtual Working

Virtual Products and Services

See also Internet Commerce.

Virtual Working (including Teleworking)

Virtual Corporations and Virtual Organizations

Virtual Teaming

Internet / Intranet

Internet Developments

See also Virtual Products and Services.

Internet Strategies (Enterprise)

Miscellaneous ICT (Y2K etc.)

Innovation & Management


Knowledge Innovation® at ENTOVATION International

New Methods

New Strategies

See also Knowledge Management Strategies and Internet Strategies.

New Structures

See also Virtual Organizations and Virtual Teaming.

New Skills

® Knowledge Innovation is a registerd trade mark of ENTOVATION International Limited.

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