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Please note - this is the 'Knowledge Connections' website archive, last significantly updated in 2008. You can see images of the different versions of this website as it evolved from 1995-2002 here.

This Knowledge Connections site aims to connect you to the best knowledge about Knowledge Management and the related themes of Virtual Working, Internet / intranet and Innovation. First launched in 1995 at an ISP's website, it moved to its current home ( in 1996. It was relaunched with a new design, better navigation and more content in February 2000, and upgraded to its present design in August 2002.

Site Contents

What's New - Recent additions plus chronology of the development of this website.

Site Map - Listings of all key pages section by section

Topic Index - for Knowledge, Internet/intranet, Virtual Working and Innovation & Management.

K-Map - A 'map' indicating knowledge sources that can help you at different parts of your journey through knowledge management.

Search Engine - Use Verity to find specific topics from the hundreds of pages on this site.

Copyright Notice - We encourage sharing but you must observe our conditions of copying and distribution.

Legal/Privacy - Legal notice and privacy policy.

Feedback Form - To send feedback on problems, errors, suggestions etc. There are separate forms for product and service enquiries, I3 UPDATE mailing list administration.

A Note About Browsers

With a few minor exceptions (e.g. horizontal coloured rules) this website has been developed using the HTML V4.0 standard, use of style sheets (CSS V1), and Javascript. Since each browser behaves differently, and not all follow the V4 standard rigorously, variations in appearance are bound to occur. This site works well with Internet Explorer version 5 and above. As fans of Mozilla's Firefox, we have done some testing and most pages seem to work. We recommend a minimum viewing resolution of 800x600, and ideally 1024x768.

A Note About IE Warning Message

With latest updates to Internet Explorer you are likely to see the following wanring message at the top of most pages:

"To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this file from showing active content that could access your computer."
This is because we use a roll-over Javascript that generates drop-down menus when you hover over one of the menu items at the top of the screen. You can click on the menu items and go to an index page for the relevant section. Or you can allow IE to use this 'active content' and get the smoother operation of drop-down menus that was the original intent of the design for navigating this website.

A Note About Links

All internal links are regularly tested using link validation tools. External links are tested and updated as sections of the website are updated. For reasons of historical accuracy, we do not update URLs cited in articles and I3 UPDATE archives (though we may add updated notes and URLs).

A Note About Construction

Many websites these days are build using enterprise-wide content management systems (such as Broadvision or Interwoven). Such products cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and are not cost-effective for small businesses such as ours. On the other hand, hand-coding each page separately is highly inefficient. Our approach has been to develop and validate HTML components using 1st Page (free from Evrsoft), and assemble the components within templates using Companion, fed by a Microsoft Access database to select templates, headings and manage structured sections such as I3 UPDATE, Insights and events. The initial layouts were developed using Dreamweaver.

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