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The volume of written material on knowledge management is causing many people to suffer from 'knowledge overload', and this website, with the equivalent of several book's worth of material, and growing, is no exception. This knowledge map is intended to guide you through the key pages on this site, according to your organization's position in its knowledge management life-cycle. Other pages give answers to FAQs (Frequently asked Questions) for knowledge professionals, managers, policy makers, consultants and researchers/students. Related navigation pages provide a topic index, a site map and a search engine.

Site Knowledge Map

This map guides you through the pages and resources that you will find useful to plan and implement a knowledge strategy. Each row represents a phase on your knowledge journey, from initial reconnaissance to review. The left column lists pages at this web site. Links in italics are to navigation and contents pages. The right column lists additional publications and services of David Skyrme Associates and partners.

Local Knowledge
(free at this site)
Expert Knowledge
(available for purchase)

Reconnaissance (Think)

The New Context
Global Perspectives
The Knowledge Agenda
The Global Knowledge Economy
Knowledge Management
Commercializing Knowledge
Knowledge Markets
Knowledge Futures

Knowledge Networking (book)
Capitalizing on Knowledge (book)
Executive Presentations
Knowledge Briefings

Route (Plan)

Knowledge Strategies
Know-Why Know-How
Developing a Knowledge Strategy
Know-All Check (diagnostic)
KM Resources

Succeeding with KM Workshop
Strategic Consulting
Knowledge Briefings
Developing a KM Strategy (K-Guide)
Knowledge Audit

Travel (Do)

KM Practices & Processes
Case Studies
Making KM Work
KM in Practice (PPT)
Measuring Knowledge
Tools & Techniques
KM Resources

KM Practices Workshop
Toolkits in 'Knowledge Networking'
Measuring the Value of Knowledge
Implementation Consulting
Knowledge Tools
Best Practices K-Guide

Reflect (Review)

Knowledge Leadership
Leaders vs. Laggards
The Future of Knowledge Management
Global Knowledge Momentum
KM Resources

Strategic Consulting
KM Assessment Service
Note: PPT refers to a Powerpoint slide show.

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