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The 2nd edition of our report Taxonomies: Frameworks for Corporate Knowledge by Jan Wyllie remains our most popular report. Others include KM in the Legal Profession, by Robert Bater and Public Sector - Public Knowledge by David Skyrme. Each has analysis, guidance, expert views and case studies.

New Insight
Knowing What You Know

Conducting a knowledge audit is often the first phase of a knowledge management initiative. However, too often attention to this important practice is skimped. Our latest Insight outlines what to do while the 50-page K-Guide fills in the detail.

Insight No. 30 (free)
K-Guide on knowledge auditing

The Business Case for KM

Still often a challenge for those wanting to invest (or invest more) in knowledge management. This guide steers you through the steps to success. Includes guidelines, pitfalls to beware and case studies including Caterpillar, Clarica and Shell.

I3 Special
Ten Topical Tips
What are the challenges facing knowledge managers now and into the future? From discussions with a wide range of practitioners David Skyrme highlights ten issues that will help you succeed with your KM initiative. If you're not sure about PKM, IC or the ABBA perspective on measurement, then find out about them.
Read this article.

75 Knowledge Nuggets
From 10 years of I3 UPDATE

After a decade of publication I3 UPDATE / ENTOVATION International News published its final edition in October 2003. One knowledge nugget has been harvested from each edition to give you a perspective of the evolution of the knowledge agenda.
View the nuggets

Related Websites

The Knowledge Networking website provides updates and feedback space for readers of the book Knowledge Networking. If you have not yet read this book, check out the details. It has been described as "one of the best collations of examples of knowledge management available in one place".

on Knowledge
Are you capitalizing on your knowledge? Find out how in this book (details here). The book's website supplements the book and keeps you updated.

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