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Global Knowledge for a Better World

Debra M. Amidon

"Through the tears of sadness,
I see an opportunity to do generations a favor."
- President George W. Bush (13 Sept 2001)

Last week we were all deeply shocked by the terrorist events that we saw on our television screens. Below are the messages I sent to the ENTOVATION 100 Knowledge Leadership and the GKD (Global Knowledge Discussion - see Knowledge Digest below) list immediately following. A summary of some of the replies follows my messages.

Out of The Depths of Destruction
(Message to ENTOVATION 100)


Although I have heard individually from many of you, I wanted to send a note to all who are represented on our Global Knowledge Leadership Map in hopes that we might be able to put this recent terrorist disaster into perspective and use it as an impetus to further our collective work.

I received the call at 9:05 am from Gerardo Calderon Malagamba (Mexico City) inquiring whether I was safe. Gerardo, who is responsible for the Spanish translation of my book and much of the ENTOVATION visibility throughout Mexico, has been to my home and knows the degree of international travel out of Boston that fills my schedule. I was deeply touched by his call.

Moreover, while we were speaking, the second Tower of the NY World Trade Center was hit, and also the Pentagon. He urged that I watch the television; and I did...the rest of the day, and in shock.

The next day, I tried to put these events into perspective. I decided to make a posting on the Global Knowledge Development (GKD) electronic dialogue of which many of you are familiar.

Message to GKD

There are many of us that are still trying to fathom the depths of what has happened with such terrorist acts - physical, social, political, financial and military.

I've given thought to what we do...or what might we offer.

There are nations all over the world who are daily suffering casualties of catastrophic impact. Rarely has such devastation reached the shores of the United States. Today, reality changed...forever. I watched the television recounting of the explosions, which - with few exceptions - had usually been documentation of bombings in other cities...other countries. It's sad that things must be brought so close to home to fathom the travesty. Today, this happened for Americans around the world; and I believe that what happens in the future will be viewed differently...by us all.

My own career has been blessed with visits to so many cultures that are embracing the values of the new Knowledge Economy. This assumes a world of collaborative advantage, one of unprecedented knowledge-sharing, a society in which we can build a better standard of living for industrialized and developing nations alike.

Such euphemism amidst such destruction...

Today's actions are a call to action...for each of us individually and as nations. I pledge to do what I can personally to help influence future policies and decision-making of our leaders; and I hope that you will do the same. I am seeking the documentation from every Head of State in the World - at least those who are not condoning terrorist acts and harboring their 'leaders' - to step up to the world table and articulate a statement of their support for the core values that support our humanity and rights to freedom.

There are many of you who are listeners/participants in the GLD who may not believe me. The focus on knowledge strategy is not a consulting fad or a short-term fix for enterprise productivity. It is not a function of information and technology. It is an human and humane agenda with economic implications at all levels of our society. It is a platform for world peace...nothing less.

And the time is now...


ENTOVATION Colleagues Respond

During the latter part of last week - and continuing this week - I have been touched by the many replies from ENTOVATION colleagues. Wherever they live around the world, there are several common threads:

  • deep shock at such outrages
  • the hope that friends and colleagues in the US were safe
  • sympathies to the bereaved and injured
  • that the world will never be the same again
  • that we all have a duty to strive to make the world a safer place.

Many of the replies were quite lengthy, so what follows is a few selected phrases that illustrate these sentiments.

"Just a note to let you know that our thoughts are with you and all friends and colleagues in the US. The images of the unspeakable horror perpetuated just days ago are still in my mind. The world will never be the same again. Our prayers go out to all who have been affected by this." (Hock Meng, Singapore)

"The dimension of this terrible event has echoed deep inside the hearts and minds of many people whose lives are far away from America and I hope, that this will bring many positive changes in our lives and around the world for the rest of this century." (Paulo C. G. de Miranda, Brazil)

"We have learned a great deal about our own responses to such human tragedy. I think that we have also learned that together we share the same planet on the universe and share the same fear and loathing of those amongst us who could dare to perpetrate such an act of violence. (Michael Kelleher, Wales)

"And I guess it showed not only the American people but the whole world that something has to be DONE to bring wealth, peace and freedom to all the suffering and poor. We have to share our dream, our wealth, our knowledge...Show SOLIDARITY. At the moment all Poles are with you, mourning." (Tomasz Rudolf, Poland)

"I want to think and pray hard about the loss of people in New York and Washington at the moment ..... but when the immediate crisis is past, and it is possible to think more clearly, I would like to address the WHY of terrorism ...... and the issue of failed development and global justice ..... and a way forward that brings opportunity to all" (Peter Burgess, Africa)

"Let us look behind the screens. We all believe in the same single God who does not give us any right to kill any ( innocent or guilty) any human being. But let us unify our forces and knowledge to find all the terrorist groups in the world and try to destroy them by avoiding the reasons causing them to become terrorists." (Gulgun Kayakutlu, Turkey)

"What we need is to articulate a clearer vision and clearer explanation how the modern knowledge strategy can achieve its social objectives." (Chin Hu Lau, Malaysia)

"Please, have peace and hope for a better future." (Luis Ovidio Galvis, Columbia)

The full replies will be posted shortly on a Reflections page at the (KnowMap website).

In the meantime it is up to all of us to use our global knowledge and our global network to help create a better world.


Email: Debra M. Amidon

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