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The Manhattan Pentagonal Project

A Tribute To Fallen Angels

A Poem by Bryan Davis (Toronto) in response to the September 11th tragedy in the US:

Alloy sharks hurl headlong from the ethereal morning sky,

full of sound and fury, and signifying nothingness

breaking into smoldering myriad pieces and melting minds of millions,

splintering hopes into flying shards of acrid glass and ashen rubble

stirring clouds of smoke, and ultimately signifying nothing.

The sorrow and the spirit, the spite and the might,

linger right in the astonishing wasteland ruins at ground zero.

These are the kamikaze effects of desperate madmen

playing simultaneously in a poisonous orchestra

whose conductor lingers gesticulating nothing in far off hills.

Dawn comes slowly to the rich shaken City

which awakens anew with girders of courage, laden now with

heroism, cranes, shovels and fragile flickering candles.

Yes, amazing miracles do happen in the elevator flight to the bottom

while down down to bottomless perdition

go the winged guilty who dare to defy the omnipotent to arms

there to dwell in adamantine chains and penal fire."

Karl Buchner on 'A Resource for Change'

First of all I want to express to you my deepest sympathy about the terrible attack on Sept. 11th in New York. Referring to your thoughts in "A Resource of Change" some answers from myself and friends within my reach:

  1. I would support the Idea not to rebuild the World Trade Center, to my feelings it makes more sense to create a memorial garden at this place where still thousands of people lay in the ground. It will give the families of the victims a place for remembrance, and all others in the rush of business a place for being silent for a moment.
  2. I also think that modern technologies - especially in the area of Microsystems - could help to make aeroplanes and other things more safe.

With kind regards
Karl Heinz Buchner
Austrian Federal Economic Chamber
Institute for Economic Promotion (WIFI) - http://www.wifi.at

(Editor's Note - Various reflections by other ENTOVATION Colleagues can be found at the KnowMap Special Reflections page - http://www.knowmap.com/editorials/special_reflections.html)

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