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July 2002    Feature
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No. 63

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ENTOVATION Roundtable at New York:
Harnessing Collaborative Advantage

Debra M. Amidon

A couple of days prior to Global KM eXchange, over 20 members of the Knowledge Leadership Map assembled to discuss ways of collaborating together.

It took 6 months of preparation, but it turned out to be a pivotal event in the development of the ENTOVATION Network. Those of us who attended were energized by the competence and plans of one another. Others received first hand an understanding of the quality of the ENTOVATION Network that has been so carefully crafted over the years.

After various interviews, recorded on video, a "get to know each other" barbecue was held at the kind invitation of Bob Franco, a New Jersey based ENTOVATION Colleague. This provided the venue for the first annual Ken of the Year Practitioner award to Admiral Bobby Ray Inman - (see Digest article or read the full citation.

Three Perspectives

In line with the ENTOVATION approach of integrating the economic, behavioural and technological aspects of the knowledge innovation agenda, the group heard three invited presentations:

  • Leif Edvinsson (economic) - suggested that many corporations were navigating in the fog (using his analogy of the British Navy before they could measure longitude accurately), and that new instruments were needed to measure the things that mater in a knowledge economy. He described the evolution of measures from 1) a balanced scorecard approach; to 2) IC reporting; to the emergent third generation of 3) IC leaf models with 4 categories and 15 measures. With the intellectual capital around the table, and throughout the wider network, he suggested that ENTOVATION could become a highly influential 'mind lab'.
  • Hubert Saint-Onge (behavioural) - stressed the essential difference between connectivity and conductivity. You may have people connected in a network, but the essential challenge is to create capability faster. This requires low conductivity, where information flows freely and is translated into knowledge and learning (he stressed the "lunacy of separating CKO and CLO in organizations"). He described the ENTOVATION Network as a self-governing knowledge community.
  • Joachim Doering (technological) - described Siemens use of ShareNet, but more importantly how it harnessed the knowledge of individuals through collaboration to address significant changes in Siemens' dynamic and competitive environment; innovation comes through dynamic networking. The ENTOVATION Network, he surmised, could help companies like Siemens get out of the pressure of day-to-day processes and help them think through future scenarios.

Intense Discussion

Following the presentations, there were lively exchanges, facilitated by Edna Pasher. She organized break-out sessions in the afternoon that were tasked to address several aspects of what the ENTOVATION Network could become. What became apparent, as in many creative groups, was that there was no shortage of ideas. The challenge of knowledge innovation(R) is to convert ideas into something more practical and tangible. As a result, following the meeting, a small core group of the attendees is working up the most promising of these ideas into potential collaborative projects.

For example, one suggestion is that the ENTOVATION Network should have more regular meetings and as well as connecting with each other, connect with the knowledge agenda issues of leading agencies (private and public sector) in the host country. Those present accepted the invitation of Esko Kilpi (Finland) to reconvene in Helsinki - perhaps before the end of the year.

We'll keep you informed of developments.

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Inman: Ken Practitioner of the Year

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