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October 2002     Edition No. 66
a free monthly briefing on the knowledge agenda
No. 66

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Managing editor:
David J. Skyrme


Welcome to this edition of I3 UPDATE / ENTOVATION International News.

We report on an innovation conference in Colombia that we promised you last month. Our article on standards in the the last issue prompted a flurry of responses, which we synthesize and summarize for you. We also conclude our A-Z of KM technologies.

David Skyrme
Managing Editor

Main Feature

Colombia: A Nation in Innovation Swift Motion

Debra Amidon reports on Colombia's first National Conference on Innovation. There's bad news, good news and a lot oging on. She offers insights on the 7Is of innovation.

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Thought For The Month

"There's no shortage of good ideas. What's difficulty is choosing from them"
(The Daily Express cookery recipe columnist, 9th October)

Special Feature

Whither KM Standards: What Our Readers Say

Our article on standards provoked many responses from readers. Clearly an issue people are passionate about, but is the time ripe?

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Other Feature

The A-Z of Knowledge Technology (Part 2)

The letters N-Z in David Skyrme's eclectic selection of technologies to monitor. What on earth does Z stand for? To find out...

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Readers' Replies

What Difference Does A Few 000s Make?

JIT Knowledge and the General Knowledge Machine

Knowledge Digest: Oct 2002

A round-up of of recent developments.

Memories From The Futures Center (Skandia)

Knowledge In The Desert (Update)

What's In A Name? (Bearpoint)


A selection of some of the best forthcoming events

I3 Update / Entovation International News:
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Evolving Innovation Infrastructures

Knowledge Reflections

Knowledge Globalization Isn't All Bad

Valuing Trust: Knowledge Leaders Air Their Views




50 Knowledge Nuggets

Are Your Best Practices Really The Best?

The 3Cs of Knowledge Sharing

Virtual teaming and virtual organizations: 25 principles of proven practice

Measurement myopia; those who measure and those who act

Portal power: gateways or trapdoors?

Creativity is not innovation

Virtual trust

Customers: a new twist on knowledge management

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