Privacy Notice

We are committed to protecting your privacy and personal information. This page explains when and how we collect information about you, and how we manage and use it.

Accessing Information on this Website

What information do we collect?

During the normal course of viewing information on this website, no personal information is collected. Like most websites, we do collect standard weblogs which record every interaction with our website (which pages are visited, which ones before and after, duration of visit etc.). However, these do not identify you as individuals, only the host ISP's domain address.

How do we use it?

The weblogs are analyzed on an occassional basis to provide us with statistics that help us understand how this website is used and what we can do to improve it. Individual transactions are not viewed but aggregated as part of this statistical analysis.

Purchasing Goods or Services

What information do we collect?

If you make a purchase from our online shop, the online ordering software places a 'cookie' in your personal computer. This allows you to keep adding items to your 'shopping basket'. Once the transaction is completed, this cookie is removed.

In completing your order, either online or offline, you will have supplied us your contact details which may include your email address, the shipping address and telephone number. Your credit card details and billing address are not divulged to us and are purely used by the payment processing company and your bank to validate the transaction and debit your bank account. If you have any queries about their privacy policies, please contact them directly.

If you purchase consultancy services or workshops, then the information collected will be that which you provide us to provide a quotation. Such services are provided under separate contract or our relevant consultancy terms and conditions, that sets out the rights and obligations of each party including protection of confidentiality and intellectual property.

How do we use it?

Contact and order information is retained as normal business practice and as a requirement of the UK tax authorities for a minimum of 7 years following the transaction. We do not divulge this information to anyone except when requested by the authorities and this - which has never yet happened - will only include the nature of the good sold, order value and country of destination. For EU customers prior to our VAT de-registration (Aug 2010), the value and EU VAT numbers of customers were provided as part of our quarterly returns under EU laws.

We do retain email and contact details of customers for two reasons: 1) To provide updates to the content provided, at no charge if major updates are made within a year of purchase; 2) To make past customers aware of new products and services and to offer special promotional prices on an occassional basis. Email is our normal method of communicating with you. If you do not wish to be contacted in this manner, please advise us after receiving your order.

Contacting Us Directly

What information do we collect?

If you contact us via email or written mail, we will have the details that you supply us with. As a minimum this is usually an email address or telephone number so that we can reply to your request.

How do we use it?

We may, but rarely do, contact you again in future to inform you of new developments at David Skyrme Associates, or to provide you with information or promotional offers on our products and services. Again, you can opt out of receiving such material from us, if you let us know.

Managing Your Information

David Skyrme Associates is bound by the provisions of the UK Data Protection Act that covers 'personal data'. 'Personal data' is that which can be associated with an individual and is capable of being processed. Although we previously formally registered our marketing use of customer data with the Information Commission, such basic use of customer data does not now need to be formally notified. The 8 Principles of the Act include provisions for keeping relevant data, using it fairly, processing it for specified purposes (which for us is customer liaison and marketing) and keeping it secure. We take our responsibilities seriously and are happy to inform you of what information we hold if you make a request (usually this is details of any business transactions and emails).

In no case - other than if we were required to do so by law - do we pass on your 'personal data' to third parties. We may however, forward an email request to us to one of our associates or other contacts who we feel may be able to help you better than us. If you do not wish your emails to be forwarded to one of our associates, please make this clear in your email.

Last updated: 19th February 2011


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