David Skyrme Associates

David Skyrme Associates is the trading company of David Skyrme, a mostly-retired management consultant, trainer and writer. Founded in 1993, its primary focus over the years 1995-2009 was knowledge management. You can read more at the archived About Us pages in the Knowledge Connections part of this website.

During this period David and his network provided consultancy services to a wide range of organisations on how to create and implement successful knowledge-based strategies (see sample projects). A series of highly acclaimed publications were also created. Going forward, consultancy services are only offered on an occasional basis, mostly to past clients. However, several of the associates and partners continue to offer such services.

Our publications are being reviewed and will updated as necessary. When completed we plan to re-open our online shop so that they can be conveniently purchased. In the meantime we can sell by specific reuqest to customers who can make automated payments or provide cheques in UK pounds sterling.

Sustainability - The Ongoing Imperative

Just as knowledge management has evolved over the last decade from an emergent aspect of business to mainstream, a similar situation is now unfolding in the field of sustainability.

This will be the ongoing focus of David Skyrme during his retirement years. In broad overview, the mission statement set out for David Skyrme Associates over a decade ago, still stands:

"To create prosperity and sustainable futures through collaborative knowledge networking."

It's just that the emphasis is shifting from the focus on the second part of the mission statement 'collaborative knowledge networking' (the subject of David Skyrme's book Knowledge Networking: Creating the Collaborative Enterprise (published in 1999) to that of the first part 'prosperity through sustainable futures'.

The methods and techniques developed during the knowledge networking phase of the company will now be applied to this new focus. During 2011 we expect to publish our first analyses. Thereafter, we shall consider what, if any, associated services are to be provided. In any case what you can expect from this website is the I3 (I cubed) approach that steered our KM activities:

  • Intelligence about trends and developments in our areas of expertise
  • Insights into success factors in implementing strategy and policy initiatives
  • Innovation through the use of collaborative knowledge networking.

We look forward to helping you and your organisation to a more sustainable future


Last updated: November 2010


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Something to think about

It only requires between 50-70 grams (depending on your method of calculation) of uranium to generate the same amount of energy as a tonne of coal. In addition every tonne of uranium used in a nuclear power station reduces by about 40,000 tonnes the amount of carbon dioxide that an equivalent coal-fired power would emit.

Why should we then keep building new coal-based power stations?

(It's these kind of figures put out by particular vested-interested lobbies that we shall investigate in our forthcoming analyses)