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Please note - this is archive material from when we were offering full consulting services (1993-2009). Check out our latest About Us pages.

David Skyrme Associates is a networked management consultancy specializing in advising senior executives and policy makers on how to create and implement successful knowledge-based strategies.

our mission

To create prosperity and sustainable futures through collaborative knowledge networking.

Our areas of expertise include

  • Knowledge-based strategies - developing strategies to exploit knowledge
  • Knowledge management - planning and implementation
  • Knowledge commercialization - including online knowledge markets
  • KM tools and techniques - analysing developments and best practice
  • Internet / intranet design - including deployment of content management systems
  • Internet marketing
  • Virtual working - virtual teaming and virtual organizations.

For more information on these topics see our Management Insights, list of strategic consulting services,workshops, tools and publications.

our approach

Our goal is to add value to your enterprise through:

  • Intelligence about trends and developments in our areas of expertise
  • Insights into success factors in implementing strategy and policy initiatives
  • Innovation through the use of collaborative knowledge networking.

We are knowledge networkers by nature. Our collaborative approach provides a creative synergy between your knowledge of your business and its environment, and our knowledge and experience of designing and implementing strategic initiatives.

  • We don't come in with a pre-set methodology - instead we select and adapt methods for the uniqueness of each situation
  • We don't have a single minded focus - instead we take a holistic view that integrates business drivers and processes, technology, knowledge, and human and organization factors
  • We don't have the resources of the large management consultancies - instead we work with selected associates and business partners to bring together the capabilities that will give you insights and deliver benefits based on many years of practical experience
  • We don't charge extortionate fees - instead we work up realistic and affordable project plans to give you value for money.

We have helped organizations, both large and small, in many parts of the world, in both private and public sectors, to achieve more through better use of knowledge, as indicated by a selection of our projects. Our publications and workshops have also been highly appreciated.

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