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The following are articles and other papers written and published by David Skyrme. Where the copyright holder has given permission, the full text is available on this website. You'll also find synopses and notes with many presentations, some of which cover specific KM topics not covered here.

Knowledge and Information Management

'The 7 Ages of IKM', David Skyrme. A retrospective of two decades of information and knowledge management (June 2015). Full article (PDF)

'Is IT Delivering', David J Skyrme, InsideKnowledge, Ark group, Vol 11. No. 7, pp.32-36 (2008). Full article (PDF)

'Valuing Knowledge: Is It Worth It?', Asian Quality, pp.24-26 (August 2007). Full article (PDF)

'Information Managers: Do We Need Them?', Online Information 2004 (conference). Full paper (PDF).

'Getting to Grips with Intellectual Capital', in a survey of value creation efficiency in the Croatian economy (November 2002). Full article.

'Knowledge Management: Approaches and Policies', a paper on policy issues affecting small and medium sized enterprise in Europe, delivered to DEEDS Policy Group Meeting, Brussels, July 2002. Full paper (PDF: 20 pages).

'Business Value From Knowledge Management', delivered at Mobilising Knowledge for Business Performance, Aslib Conference, London (May 2002). Full paper (PDF).

'Knowledge Inside-Out', exploiting your knowledge assets (May 2001). Full article.

'Are you e-ready?', an online feature on Getting Started with ecommerce, Ecominfonet (July 2000). Full article (PDF).

'From Knowledge Management to Knowledge Commerce', Knowledge Management (Dec 1999). Full article.

'Knowledge Commerce: Succeeding in a Global Knowledge Marketplace', paper delivered at The Knowledge Economy and China, Beijing (Nov 1999). Full paper (PDF).

'Knowledge Management: The Next Steps', Consultants Guide , pp.8-10 (July 1999). Full Article.

'Knowledge Management: Making It Work', The Law Librarian, Vol. 31, No. 2, pp.84-90 (June 1999). Full Article.

'Creating a World Trade of Ideas: A Global Knowledge Innovation Infrastructure', with Debra M. Amidon, Knowledge Management, Vol 2, No. 7, pp.17-20 (April 1999).

'Building Communities at the 1998 Knowledge Summit: Oxymorons and healthy cynicism', Knowledge Management Review, p.6, (January/February 1999). Original Article.

'Know-Why Know-How', Guru Feature, Information Age, pp.8-9 (September 1998). Full Article.

'Fact or Fad? Ten Shifts in Knowledge Management', Knowledge Management Review, No 3, pp.6-7, (July/August 1998). Full Article.

'Knowledge Networking - Succeeding with Collaborative Technologies', Online Collaboration, ICEF, Berlin, 9-10 June (1998). Presentation Synopsis - Presentation (PDF)

'Effective Knowledge-Sharing Teams', Journal of High-Performance Teams, Vol 3, No. 3, pp. 15-20 (May 1998).

'Valuing Knowledge: Is it worth it?', Managing Information, Vol 8, No. 3 (March 1998). Full Article.

'Knowledge Management: Solutions: The Role of Technology', ACM SIGGROUP Bulletin, Special Issue on Knowledge Management at Work (March 1998). Full Article (PDF).

'New Measures of Success', coauthored with Debra Amidon, Journal of Business Strategy, pp.20-24 (Jan/Feb 1998).

'Developing A Knowledge Strategy', Strategy, pp.18-19, (Jan 1998). Full Article.

'The Globalisation and Virtualisation of Knowledge', Gyosei Journal, Vol 1, No. 3, pp. 71-86 (December 1997). Abstract and Contents Outline - Full Article including 2011 Retrospective (PDF).

'The Knowledge Agenda', coauthored with Debra Amidon, Journal of Knowledge Management, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp.27-37 (September 1997). Abstract. Also summary of Leaders and Laggards.

'From Information Management to Knowledge Management: Are You Prepared', Online '97, London, (December 1997). Full paper.

'Knowledge Management: Oxymoron or Dynamic Duo', Managing Information, Vol.4 No.7, pp. 16-18 (September 1997). Full Article.

'From Information to Knowledge', Information Age, Vol. 1, No. 20, pp. 16-18 (September 1997). Full paper. (PDF)

'Global Intelligence Networking: Technological Opportunities and Human Challenges', AGSI Journal, pp.106-115 (November 1995). Full article.

'When information management encounters organisational culture', Records Management Bulletin, Issue No. 64, pp.3-5 (Oct 1994).

'Ten Ways to Add Value to Your Business', Managing Information, Vol 1. No 3, pp20-25 (March 1994). Full article.

'Some Principles of Information Resources Management', workshop hand-out (1995). Handout (PDF).

'Knowledge Networking', The Intelligent Enterprise, Vol 1, No 9 (Nov 1991).

'Leveraging Knowledge through Socio-technological Fusion', with Debra Rogers, Technology Knowledge Activities, IC2 Institute, University of Texas at Austin, Vol. 2. No. 1, pp. 1-6 (Summer 1994). This is a shorter version of the conference paper of the same name - see below.

'Harnessing Knowledge through Socio-Technical Fusion', with Debra Amidon M. Rogers. This paper introduces an Enterprise Management Architecture and illustrates it with several cases. Delivered at The Strategic Management Society, 12th International Annual Conference, London (Oct 1992). Full Paper (PDF).

Flexible Working

'From Teleworking to E-Work', West Berkshire Virtual Labour Conference, July 2000. Full paper.

'Distance Working - The Corporate Perspective', The European Distance Working Conference, Robinson College, Cambridge (April 1993). Full paper.

'Teleworking: Achieving the Business Benefits' (1993). Full paper (PDF).

'Flexible Working: Building a Lean and Responsive Organization', Long Range Planning, Vol 27, No. 5, pp98-110 (Oct 1994).

'Take a look at teleworking', Management Consultancy, p.21 (June 1994)

Other Management Topics

'Getting Value from Information Technology - The Human Factor', UKCMG Annual Conference, Brighton (May 1992). Full Paper.

'The SOFT side of Systems Engineering', prepared for a workshop for systems developers planned by the Institute of Electrical Engineers but not held (Jan 1992). Full Paper (PDF).

'Integrating Business, People and Technology' with Tony Attew, Ramsay Maclaren and Philip Scott, DECUS UK Conference, Warwick (March 1991).

'Developing Successful Marketing Intelligence: A Case Study', Management Decision, Vol 28, No. 1, pp 54-61 (1990).

'The Planning and Marketing of the Marketing Intelligence Function', Marketing Intelligence and Planning, vol 7, No. 1/2, pp 5-10, (1989).

'Hybrid Managers: What Should You Do?', with Michael J. Earl, Computer Bulletin, pp 19-21 (May 1990).

'Hybrid Managers: What Do We Know About Them?', with M.J. Earl, Journal of Information Systems, Vol 1, No. 2, pp169-187 (1992.

'From Hybrids to Bridge Building', Research and Discussion Paper RDP92/2, Oxford Institute of Information Management, Templeton College, Oxford (Jan 1992).

'The Social Environment' (Chapter 2) and 'Consumerism, Lifestyles and Socio-Demography' (Chapter 6) in Proceedings of the Business Environment Group' ed. Richard Whaley, The Strategic Planning Society (1988).

'Crafting a Strategy for Understanding the Effects of IT on Organisational Structure', with Roy Payne, Sudi Sharifi, Working Paper 201, Manchester Business School (Nov 1990).

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Complementing the articles are a series of Powerpoint presentations on similar topics.

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