These K-Briefings provide high level overviews and insights into some of the main concepts and challenges in today's global networked economy. They cover the four main themes addressed in this KMKnowledge.com website.

For briefings on sustainability see our sister website SustainabilityKnowledge.com.

The briefings were originally written between 1995 and 2007. They are in the process of being updated through 2011. Older briefings remain on the archive website, as indicated below.

Managing and Exploiting Knowledge

These Insights cover the broad context of the changing knowledge agenda as well as specific topics related to organizational knowledge management initiatives.

This website has many articles, presentations and links to other resources on knowledge management.

The Learning Organization

The distinction between a knowledge-based organization and a learning organization is becoming more blurred every day.

The Internet (R)evolution

We are all now aware of the rise and fall of the dot.com phenomenom. However, the Internet is here to stay and is transforming the nature of every industry. Don't overlook the impact of general advances in ICT, and tools to support knowledge management, especially collaborative technologies.

You'll also find more in the articles on the management challenges of IT and the internet

Virtual and Flexible Working

Increased ability to network is creating new ways of working across time and distance - teleworking, virtual teaming and the creation of virtual organizations. It is also giving rise to virtual products and services.

Read also our popular 25 Principles of Virtual Teaming and Virtual Organizations. Also see the list of articles on on virtual and flexible working.

Last updated: 24th March 2011


A presentation that reviews the development of knowledge management. Initially delivered to a group of MIS directors, it is the first of several presentations covering ten key themes.
(Download presentation - PDF format)

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Should you use STORIES?

This presentation Communicating Knowledge (PDF) describes the role of communications professionals in a KM programme, expressed in the acronym STORIES.


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