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This section lists reports published by David Skyrme, his associates and others. All our reports were originally sold in hard-copy form, and these are now generally out of print - you may be lucky and find a used copy on Amazon. The first report listed below (public sector) is available as a PDF file. We are looking at ways of making the content of earlier reports available, including adding updates.

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Public Sector - Public Knowledge

This report explores current and future developments in public sector KM and identifies examples of good practice from around the world. Extensive use is made of survey data, interviews and case studies to draw out key themes, insights and practical guidance for successful KM in the public sector. These themes include knowledge-enhanced policy making, more effective government and public administration, e-Government and enhanced services to citizens.

Description, table of content and how to order

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Measuring Knowledge and Intellectual Capital

Links that follow go to our archive website. This report follows on from the 1998 report Measuring the Value of Knowledge. Fully updated and much more comprehensive this 512 page report has many improvements. For the first time, this report brings all major developments in the field of knowledge and intellectual capital measurement into a single comprehensive source.

Our archive website has details and table of contents

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Creating the Knowledge-Based Business

This 1997 report, by David J Skyrme and Debra M Amidon focuses on the key experience of companies who pioneered knowledge management. It identifies and analyzes key processes, techniques and tools for creating and harnessing knowledge. The report contains the results of an exclusive Business Intelligence / Ernst & Young survey of knowledge practices in 500 companies in Europe and North America. It also contains 10 major case studies as well as a further 23 caselets.

Our archive website has details and table of contents

Last updated: 19th April 2011

Looking for practical guidance?

km roadmap Our KM roadmap takes you through the various stages of a knowledge management programme and gives helpful tips based on two decades of our experience.

KM: practice and pitfalls
KM presentation

A presentation (PDF) that goes through the elements of a KM initiative including several of the most useful practices for sharing and managing knowledge; there are several slides on specific cases


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