Know-All 10: A Quick KM Assessment

This set of ten questions provides a quick check of where your organization is along ten critical success dimensions. Rate your organization (or part of it) on a score 0 to 10, where 0 is doing nothing at all, and 10 is world-class. We suggest that several people from different groups do this, then come together to discuss and compare.

You can also download a PDF version of this assessment.



1. Leadership
Does your organization have a compelling knowledge vision and strategy, actively promoted by your Chief Executive, that clearly articulates how knowledge management contributes to achieving organizational objectives?
2. Culture/Structure
Is knowledge sharing across departmental boundaries actively encouraged and rewarded? Do workplace settings and format of meetings encourage informal knowledge exchange?
3. Processes
Does your organization have systematic processes for gathering, organizing, exploiting and protecting key knowledge assets, including those from external sources?
4. Explicit Knowledge
Is there a rigorously maintained knowledge catalogue, with a structured knowledge tree or taxonomy, that clearly identifies knowledge owners and is readily accessible across the organization?
5. Tacit Knowledge
Do you know who your best experts are for different domains of key knowledge, and do you have in place mechanisms to capture their tacit knowledge into an explicit format?
6. Knowledge Hubs and Centres
Are there librarians or information management staff that coordinate knowledge repositories and act as focal points for provision of information to support key decision making?
7. Market Leverage
Are your knowledge and knowledge management capabilities packaged into products and services and promoted in your organization's external marketing?
8. Measures
Does your organization measure and manage its intellectual capital (IC) in a systematic way, and publish regular IC reports to its external stakeholders?
9. People/Skills
Have specific knowledge rôles been identified and assigned, and are all senior managers and professionals trained in basic knowledge management techniques?
10. Technological Infrastructure
Can all important information be quickly found by new users on your intranet/portal (or similar network) within three mouse clicks?

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There is a full 50 question Know-All Assessment, which can be purchased. See details at our knowledge shop. Since the automated shop is under reconstruction, you will need to email us for current prices and payment methods.

The 50 questions, along with additional commentary are described in Chapter 7 of Knowledge Networking: Building the Collaborative Enterprise, David Skyrme, Butterworth-Heinemann (1999).

Other free tools in this series include The Knowledge Benefits Tree and a Knowledge Usage Template.

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