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However, we encourage free and open circulation of the information contained herein, provided that it is done for personal use and that of a limited number of colleagues. When doing so, you agree to follow the terms that follow.

Copying and Distribution

Copying or distribution (over 25 recipients) must not be done without prior agreement of the copyright holder. We will consider favourably requests by educational establishments to include material as handouts on courses (see below). We also allow, with permission and subject to conditions, organizations to mount slected content on their own web servers. The above restrictions do not affect your right to copy or reproduce extracts (up to 10 per cent of a page) under sopyright 'fair-use' policies.

Where allowed, any copying or dissemination of our web pages should generally reproduce the page or section in full, making sure that its URL is visible. For copying and distribution of portions of a page or extracts, you must ensure that it shows:

  • The author and/or page reference e.g. "Meaning Measures, Knowledge Management Themes, David Skyrme Associates.
  • Our (or the author's) copyright notice e.g. "Copyright. 2011. David Skyrme Associates. All Rights Reserved".
  • The last updated or visited date (except for published articles or features with their own date), e.g. "URL:" accessed on dd mmm yyyy."
  • The URL and/or contact details.

When citing extracts from articles, please use the original article reference.

Please note that in no circumstances may any charge be made for access to or for copies of pages that you copy or redistribute, nor should they form part of any other commercial consideration, without our prior agreement.


We encourage you to link to this website in general or 'deep links' to specific pages. It has been our policy to retain original directories for several years after new structures have been introduced, to reduce the number of 'bad links'. In fact, many of our directory and filenames for key articles and briefings have remained unchanged since 1996.

You do not need to ask permission to link into our site, unless you display our content within a 'frame' or border of your own site (thus implying it is your content or that we have endorsed your site), rather than linking to our web page in its entirety.


For commercial use of this material, bulk distribution or for any other requests, please contact David Skyrme. Email: Tel: +44 1635 254151 (new number from 1 Dec 2016).

We offer favourable licensing conditions, typically at no charge to educational establishments, professional associations, publishers and clients of David Skyrme Associates

Where these requests are granted, we provide you with a licence number, for inclusion in your copies, so that your users can see that we have granted you certain rights and have our permission to reproduce in quantity.

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