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This service analyzes developments in key knowledge management subject areas, highlighting implications for strategy and policy or investment.

Why and When?

This customized analysis service is specifically helpful:

  • for organizations planning their next steps in a knowledge management initiative
  • when a major new KM solution (such as a content management system or an enterprise portal) is under consideration
  • for software suppliers seeking to address or refocus in the KM marketplace
  • for venture capitalists seeking independent appraisal of opportunities for KM software and services.


As a result of our analyses, you will typically achieve the following benefits:

  • Identify which management practices can benefit from new tools and techniques
  • Determine the main type of tools and techniques that can leverage your organizational knowledge
  • Define criteria for assessing knowledge solutions
  • Assess the capabilities of specific tools and techniques and their suppliers
  • Access the hard-won experience of others in using these tools
  • Address the key success factors for successful implementation of knowledge management solutions.

Unlike many other research services that focus heavily on computer-based solutions and technologies, our analysis takes a more holistic view of knowledge tools and techniques, incorporating the best methods and practices whatever the technology, whether computer-based or people based. It gives full attention to the strategic, management, people and practical issues in selecting and implementing knowledge management solutions.

What We Do

We combine the years of market analysis skills of David Skyrme (he formerly led Digital UK' Market Intellgience Services) with the content analysis and information refining techniques of our business partner Trend Monitor International. Our refining and analysis techniques are intended to identify the key opportunities and barriers in a market or management field, and spell out clearly their implications for senior executives and policy makers. Unlike the reports of many of the well-known research consultancies who cite detailed (and usualy wrong!) market forecasts, we provide analysis and insights into critical success factors. Our typcial approach is based on:

  • Exploring our existing resources - we maintain databases of practices, resources, tools, vendors and actual case studies
  • Access best external sources - a mix of hard-copy and on-line sources, drawing on anlaysts reports, trade and management press, academic research papers etc.
  • Personal interviews with leading experts and practitioners as necessary e.g. drawing on the extensive resources and contacts of the global ENTOVATION Network
  • Information refining - using content analysis techniques to discern trends and development of information schemas to show interrelationships
  • Synthesis - combining and contrasting various observations, information sources according to an evolving schema
  • Scenario building - identifying different development tracks that are probable, rather than providing a single forecast
  • Analysis - developing models, and testing the implications of certain developments through robust dialogue with providers and experts.

Naturally the scope of such a service varies enormously, ranging from a few days updating analyses on specific software tools or techniques, to 2-3 months in which such analyses are developed as part of a marketing plan or the user requirements and technology plans within a knowledge management planning and implementation assignment. The range of topics we have analyzed also varies enormously. The lists below shows the type of content we are monitoring on an onging basis.

KM Practices

  • Assessment - the effectiveness of knowledge management
  • Strategising - planning KM, linking KM to business strategies
  • Knowledge Creation - creativity, generation
  • Gathering - needs analysis, collection strategies
  • Organizing - schema, thesauri, taxonomies, information architectures
  • Conversion - tact to explicit etc., harvesting
  • Sharing - mechanisms, sharing best practices, work environments
  • Communities - communities of interenst and practice, knowledge networking
  • Learning - learning programmes, learning tools
  • Exploiting - commercializing, licencing etc.
  • Evaluating - measuring intellectual capital
  • Trading - knowledge markets
  • Governance - corporate policies, protection, ethical issues.

Scope: KM Technologies

  • Knowledge Discovery - data mining, text mining, visualisation
  • Content Creation - creativity tools, content management systems
  • Infrastructure - intranet, extranet, portal building software
  • Information Retrieval - search engines, intelligent agents
  • Competences/Expertise Profiling - expertise directories
  • Knowledge Sharing - computer conferencing, portals, document management
  • Sense Making - pattern recognition, Concept Mapping, filtering
  • Integration - KM/CMS suites, enterprise application integration (EAI), portals.
  • Standards - XML, metadata standards


Deliverables are tailored to client's requirements but typically include the following:

  • Strategic Overview - key findings
  • Market / Implementation Drivers and Barriers - factors affecting change
  • Synthesis of Main Trends - divided into 'over the horizon', emergent, established
  • Alternative Scenarios - different possible outcomes
  • Implications - strategies and guidelines for suppliers and users
  • Sources - references for detailed follow-up
  • Database - relevant database material

Further Information

To discuss your requirement in further detail please contact our principal consultant David Skyrme. Email: david@skyrme.com. Tel: +44 1635 25 35 45.

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