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David Skyrme Associates offers a variety of presentations and workshops that can be tailored to meet your needs. This page describes an example of a workshop focussed on developing Knowledge Management Strategies. It provides a good focal point for strategy development by senior executives or a knowledge management team.

Why and Who

With the growing importance of knowledge as a lever of business strategy, it is essential that organizations know how best to develop and apply knowledge-based strategies in order to achieve bottom line business benefits. This particular workshop is intended for those who are planning and developing such strategies and knowledge management initiatives. It appeals both to line managers and senior executives who develop organizational strategies, as well as members of a knowledge team responsible for implementing them. Participants will benefit from the way that this workshop demonstrates the interdependencies between the contributions of different functions and disciplines.


On completing this workshop you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of knowledge management and the reasons for its current prominence in management thinking
  • Learn the fundamental concepts of knowledge management and relate them to your own organization
  • Identify knowledge levers that can give you a strategic advantage
  • Assess the key processes of knowledge management and how to apply them in practice
  • Relate existing practices within your organization to 'world class' practice, based on insights into the successful implementations of knowledge leaders
  • Appreciate which factors contribute to success or failure of knowledge initiatives.

See also the list of wider benefits you can expect from attending this workshop.


This workshop provides participants with the essential knowledge to develop successful knowledge-based strategies by addressing these key challenges:

  • Diagnosis - Where are we now? What are the business imperatives where knowledge can help?
  • Concepts and Frameworks - Examples of frameworks and concepts that other KM practitioners have found useful.
  • Strategy - What is our knowledge strategy? How should it be developed?
  • Knowledge - What is our vital knowledge? How can we exploit and protect it?
  • Framework for Action - What is the scope of our knowledge agenda? Which processes need to be developed?
  • Best Practices - What are the most effective mechanisms for developing and sharing knowledge?
  • Practice and Cases - Examples of what other companies are doing.

This workshops allow participants to apply the concepts learnt to their own organizational situation, through a carefully designed set of learning cycles, each consisting of three parts:

  • Concepts - presentation of key theory and frameworks
  • Practice - small group exercises addressing key questions and choices
  • Review and questions - plenary session to draw out and share key learnings, and to address areas that need further clarification.


The Momentum of Knowledge Management
Why Knowledge, Why now?
Fad or Fundamental?
Roots of Knowledge Management
The Business Benefits (short exercise)

Key Concepts
Knowledge is Different
Knowledge Conversion Processes
The Knowledge Spiral
Types of Knowledge
Vital Knowledge - where is it? (exercise)

Knowledge Strategies
The Essence of Knowledge Management
Two Thrusts
Seven Levers
Developing a Knowledge Strategy (exercise)

Knowledge Processes and Practice
Two Knowledge Cycles
The Innovation Cycle
Creativity vs. Innovation
The Management Cycle
Knowledge Sharing Mechanisms
The Contribution of Information Technology
Which Processes are Working / Not Working? (exercise)

A Framework for Action
Enablers - culture, Structure, Leadership
Levers - Processes, People, Space, Measurement
Foundations - HR strategies, new roles and skills, ICT
KM Assessment (exercise)

Knowledge Management Practice
The State of Practice - surveys
Case Studies*
Leaders and Laggards
Critical Success Factors
Triggers and Starting Points
Action Planning
Defining Our Agenda (exercise)

Reflection and Review
Next Steps
Action Plans and Commitments

* In addition, case studies and examples of best practice will be interspersed throughout to illustrate the finer points of knowledge management practice.

Further Information

This workshop is customized for each client and is developed from our evolving set of structured modules. It is often a good introduction to our style of strategic knowledge consulting. Typical formats for this workshop are:

  • Half day executive seminar - with selected parts and discussion on general principles and winning strategies
  • Full day workshop - with opportunities for more interaction and discussion. This is the minimum we recommend for a realistic understanding of the subject.
  • As part of a 2-3 day workshop for knowledge management teams. This is a sensible format for teams of eight or more, and allows break-out sessions and serious development of plans to take place.

To discuss your specific requirements in further detail please contact our principal consultant David Skyrme. Email: david@skyrme.com. Tel: +44 1635 25 35 45.

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