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Update (2009) - David Skyrme is now semi-retired, and so now offers only a limited range of services. This page is a historical archive.

David Skyrme Associates offers a variety of workshops, seminars and presentations that can be tailored to meet your needs. This page gives you an overview of our workshops on knowledge management and Internet marketing /e-commerce. These workshops vary in duration from half a day to 3-4 days and are customized from our continually evolving set of workshop modules. We also offer keynote presentations to enthuse your conference audience or as part of a company meetings or special event. See also our Presentations / Workshop Calendar.

Knowledge Management Workshops

The following are examples of current seminars and workshops that are run on an individual client basis or for conference and event organizers.

Presentations on the same topics include Knowledge Management in Practice, Knowledge Futures: Methods, Markets and Management, K-Commerce: Commercializing Your Knowledge, From Measurement Myopia to Knowledge Leadership. See knowledge management presentations for full list. Please contact us for further information or to discuss your specific requirements.

Internet Marketing and Commerce

We have two workshops that focus on the business and management aspects of the Internet and intranets:

  • Marketing on the Internet - the distinctive nature of marketing on the Internet and the 10Ps of Internet marketing success.
  • Internet Imperatives - developing a successful Internet strategy and the practicalities of developing a viable Internet presence.

In addition, we also offer a more general marketing workshop The Essentials of Marketing" and in association with Aslib the course Marketing The Information Service.


Our hands-on workshops are based around the proven format of a series of learning cycles. Each cycle consists of three phases - presentation of key concepts, applying them in practice through group activities, plenary discussion and review, including cases of best practice. Although precise benefits vary from workshop to workshop, typically they include:

  • Awareness of developments and trends - to identify business opportunities and threats
  • Understanding of core concepts - to diagnose current situation and options for change
  • Frameworks for planning and action - to formulate viable organizational strategies and plans
  • Insights into best practice - giving a working set of practical guidelines
  • Knowledge sharing - sharing ideas and experience to help increase the likelihood of success and avoid the pitfalls
  • Learning about tools and techniques - guiding participants into more effective methods
  • Interactive discussion - to relate workshop material to participant's own situation
  • Access to expertise - gaining ideas and insights based on our experience with world-class exemplars of best practice
  • Supporting material - most workshops have an accompanying workbook and/or web pages, giving copies of slides and notes, check-lists, templates etc.

Workshops are an ideal way of gaining knowledge cost-effectively and are an ideal complement to our strategic consultancy services.

Further Information

Please contact us by email, or telephone +44 1635 25 35 45 with your specific requirements for a formal quotation on price and availability.

Important Notice - While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy in our descriptions, the indication of products or services on this page does not constitute a formal offer of availability. In the interests of continuous improvement, adaption to customer's requirements, and the need to ensure availability of skilled resources, our product and service range is being continually updated. Please contact us with your specific requirements for a formal quotation on price and availability.

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