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The aim of this site is to provide you with helpful and informative information as well as promoting the products and services of David Skyrme Associates. We operate to the highest professional standards, are ethical in our dealings, and want you to gain the benefits of our expertise. We set out below what you can expect from using this site.

Accuracy of Information, Liability

While every effort is made to ensure accuracy, we cannot be held liable for the consequences of actions or decisions that are made on the information provided. If you find factual errors on these pages, please notify us using the feedback form or contact us by email at ( Please read the copyright page for conditions concerning copying and distribution of material on these pages. If you come across apparent infringements of our copyright we would be grateful if you could notify us, so that the necessary action can be taken (in appreciation of your efforts you will receive a small reward from us for notification of new instances of apparent infringement).

Privacy and Personal Information

Any dealings you have with us will be confidential between ourselves, unless otherwise agreed, or unless it is essential that we forward your email to other associates who are better equipped to deal with your request. We can confirm that:

  • We will not supply your email address to any bulk mailing or marketing agency
  • That your personal contact details are used only by ourselves and subject to the conditions and Principles of the UK Data Protection Act i.e. obtained fairly and lawfully, used only for the purposes for which registered etc.
  • That any credit card details provided by you for buying products from K-Shop, are encrypted and go directly to the payment services provider, without being revealed to us.
  • That we use 'Cookies' only in very limited circumstances. At the moment the only use is to make sure that your online shopping experience runs smoothly (i.e. when you use the shopping basket facilities within k-shop). Nor do we use Java applets or similar objects, which could execute autonomous code in your computer.

Please let us know if there are any things about which you have special concerns. We aim to be open and straightforward and respect your rights.

Offers of Goods and Services

While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, the indication of products or services on the pages showing available services, such as consulting and workshops, does not constitute a formal offer of availability. In the interests of continuous improvement, adaption to customer's requirements, and the need to ensure availability of skilled resources, our product and service range is being continually updated. Please contact us with your specific requirements for a formal quotation on price and availability.

Products from the K-Shop are fixed in price (FOB) and some are instantly available (via download). Therefore different Terms & Conditions apply.

Trading Terms and Conditions

David Skyrme Associates Limited is Registered in England (no. 2793733). Different terms and conditions apply to different products and services. In each of your commercial dealings with us, will will inform you of the terms and conditions that apply. They are generally straightforward and written in plain English and not legalese (so we can both understand them!). For example, we have a standard consultancy agreement, that we append to our formal quotations. Our pricing is based on these quotations, and therefore any variations - sometimes required by large corporations - are subject to confirmation and potential variations in price. Off-the-shelf products, such as publications, and those from K-Shop are subject to our Standard Product Trading Terms & Conditions.

Relevant Law

Internet law is in its infancy and there are often contradictions between the laws of different nations. The web site is hosted in England, which is also the location of the trading and registration address of David Skyrme Associates. Therefore the Laws of England shall apply to any matters relating to this web site and content.

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