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About I3


Managing editor:
David J. Skyrme


"a rivetting read and always useful in practical terms"
(Brian Nielsen, Principal, Nielsen Instant Knowledge Systems)

I3 UPDATE / ENTOVATION International News
was published as a monthly email newsletter on developments in the knowledge economy and related subjects. The final edition (No. 75) was published in September 2003. The reasons are stated in the articles The Future of I3 UPDATE and Knowledge for What?.. What Next?. One reason is that we now want to focus on other priorities, including improving this website.

Over the years we have received many plaudits for our insightful articles - see What Readers Say. Each month's issue had feature articles and a digest of interesting developments. See the archive for chronological table of contents and the contents page for articles grouped by themes.

In future we expect to send occassional emailings (announcements, articles, analysis) to those on the I3 UPDATE mailing list. To add or change your subscriber details click here (it's free!).

About The Publishers

I3 UPDATE / ENTOVATION International News is a joint publication of David Skyrme Associates Limited and ENTOVATION International Limited - providers of trends analysis, strategic advice and workshops on knowledge management and knowledge innovation®

The three Is in the name are from the by-line of David Skyrme Associates: Intelligence - Insight - Innovation. Each I3 UPDATE includes one or more feature articles, additional articles and news on topics of management interest. There are also fuller briefing papers - Management Insights on many of these topics.


The newsletter started as an occasional (approximately 2-3 times a year) hard-copy newsletter of David Skyrme Associates in 1993. During 1996 it became electronic only and available by email (see details on How to Subscribe). In April 1998 (edition no. 18) it combined with the newsletter of ENTOVATION International. For historical accuracy, earlier editions remain largely in their original form, with the exception of spelling and grammatical corrections, the updating of URLs and the addition of Updates that are clearly identified.

Copyright Notice

This newsletter is copyright material. In the interests of dissemination of information, forward circulation is permitted provided it is distributed in its entirety including these notices, that it is not posted to newsgroups or distribution lists and that it is not done for commercial gain or part of a commercial transaction. For other uses please contact the publisher.

I3 Update / Entovation International News:
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