KMIF: Knowledge Management Implementation Framework

The following framework draws together KM's critical success factors into 3-levels. The author has customized it as a starting framework for use in a number of client situations. However, nothing can beat a framework that is developed as part of KM planning by the cleint themselves.

km implementation framework

The Levers

This is the central layer of the framework. It comprises a set of levers that amplify the contribution of knowledge. These include processes that facilitate knowledge flows, the effective handling of information. An important point here is the distinction between explicit and tacit knowledge, since their management is quite distinctive. The actual labels may differ from case to case. For example, office layout (space) can be important in some situations, whilst market leverage is of little relevance to public sector organizations. Central in any case is the factor of measurement.

The Foundations

The foundation layer determines the ultimate capacity and capability for embedding knowledge into the organization's infrastructure. It comprises two complementary strands - the 'hard' information and communications infrastructure (e.g. the ICT systems) and the 'soft' human and organization infrastructure that concerns people's rôles, skills and behaviours.

The Enablers

At the top layer of the framework are the enablers. We call these the potential 'show stoppers', since although so much can be achieved by addressing the levers and foundations, the enablers must be in place if KM is to achieve its ultimate potential.

The key factor here is organizational KM leadership. There is a senior knowledge champion. The senior management team understands that knowledge is strategic and clearly articulates its contribution to the organization's 'bottom line'. The organization's structure, culture and environment encourages knowledge development and sharing. Without these enablers most knowledge initiatives drift or stall.

Last updated: 19th March 2011


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