Knowledge Networking
Knowledge Networking:
Creating the Collaborative Enterprise

David J. Skyrme


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Chapter 5 Update

There are no updates to this chapter.

Interestingly, despite my comments at the beginning of the chapter (page 125), one reviewer - Craig Conkie in Information World Review (March 2000) - felt that the material in Section C (the toolkits) was "more akin to a self-improvement guide rather than a business text", and by implication should probably be omitted. Nevertheless, he conceded that "there are some very useful ideas", such as the "thought provoking" one about the encouragement of personal and informal web pages (page 143). In contrast, another reviewer - Sylvia Webb in Managing Information (March 2000) - felt that the toolkits "offer some extremely clear and helpful checklists throughout".

Discussion Points

Share with us your views and experience on these toolkits, especially the individual knowledge networker's toolkit of chapter 5. Do you find them useful? Have you completed them, or are they simply aide-memoires for planning purposes?

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