Knowledge Networking
Knowledge Networking:
Creating the Collaborative Enterprise

David J. Skyrme


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Chapter 6 Update

The toolkit remains unchanged. There are a couple of minor updates to the supporting material:

  • The Lotus TeamRoom concepts have evolved from an internal project into external products, first as Instant!TEAMROOM, a "rentable collaborative application" available through ASPs, and more recently as part of IBM's Websphere suite.

  • Although the Knowledge Ecology Fair 1998 was a one-off, Community Intelligence Labs continue to develop resources, tools and courses on knowledge ecology - including the Knowledge Ecology University, Knowledge Ecology News, Knowledge Ecology Resources and a Knowledge Ecology Consortium.

Discussion Points

Share with us your views and experience on this toolkit, especially if you are a member of a virtual team. Which checklists do you find the most useful? What improvements do you suggest?

Please email your feedback discussion points to the author at Responses will be summarized in future updates - see Feedback notes.

Additional Information

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