Knowledge Networking
Knowledge Networking:
Creating the Collaborative Enterprise

David J. Skyrme


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Chapter 8 Update

Knowledge and collaboration in an interprise still causes many problems. This toolkit should help guide you through the maze. The more I hear from people trying to create virtual teams and virtual companies, the more I feel that they would gain by at least adding some systematic planning to the necessary emotional component that drives many of them. Thus while the toolkit remains unchanged, there are a few topics that benefit from updated commentary.

Things to Think About

Customer Knowledge Sharing. There is growing interest in customer relationship management (CRM), but little of this focus has yet turned into active knowledge collaboration with customers (page 218-220).

Virtual Spaces (pages 221-222). The growth of portals is providing more focus and structure around Virtual Information Space. Portals (such as Yahoo!) remain the most frequently visited websites, but users have varying success in finding what they are seeking. Portal providers are seeking similar content, so we see the growth of content intermediaries (information syndicators or brokers). As noted in the update to chapter 4, there is a surge of interest in virtual markets, so many of these spaces need monitoring closely, depending on how your organization wants to position itself in cyberspace.

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