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June 2003     Edition No. 74
a free monthly briefing on the knowledge agenda
No. 74

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Managing editor:
David J. Skyrme


Welcome to this edition of I3 UPDATE / ENTOVATION International News.

In this penultimate issue, we revisit our trend analysis of five years ago to see how far knowledge management has progressed and ask if KM still delivers.

David Skyrme
Managing Editor

Main Feature

Progress in KM:
Steady But Not Spectacular

Revisiting the ten trends from five years ago (June 1998). Did they pan out?

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Thought For The Month

"If you think outside of the box, how do you bring the knowledge created back into the box?"

Special Feature

Knowledge Management:
Does It Deliver?

Why KM programmes often fail to deliver and what to do to overcome the cynicism of the sceptics. You need to get on top of the 4Ds.

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Special Feature

Future of I3 UPDATE:
The End of an Era

The next issue is our last. What happens now?

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Knowledge Digest: June 2003

A round-up of of recent developments.

Capture Knowledge - Don't Lose It!

Archetypes for Network-Age Government

Can KM Help Defeat SARS?


A selection of some of the best forthcoming events

I3 Update / Entovation International News:
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75 Knowledge Nuggets

Evolving Innovation Infrastructures

Knowledge Reflections

Knowledge Globalization Isn't All Bad

Valuing Trust: Knowledge Leaders Air Their Views




50 Knowledge Nuggets

Are Your Best Practices Really The Best?

The 3Cs of Knowledge Sharing

Virtual teaming and virtual organizations: 25 principles of proven practice

Measurement myopia; those who measure and those who act

Portal power: gateways or trapdoors?

Creativity is not innovation

Virtual trust

Customers: a new twist on knowledge management

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