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July/Sept 2003    Feature
a free monthly briefing on the knowledge agenda
No. 75

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David J. Skyrme


The ENTOVATION 'Ba' and Beyond!

Debra M. Amidon

This year - 2003 - marks our 10th anniversary of the founding of the ENTOVATION Network (although some of our members were connected as early as the 1987 Roundtable...and some even before. A decade of global interaction and a journey that has taken me around the world several times and to many places I never dreamed possible, including China, Malaysia, Peru, Slovenia, and the bush of South Africa. We've been to the hills of Austria and the Canadian Rockies, the aboriginal community of Alice Springs, Desert Knowledge Australia...and most places in between. We've worked with the OECD, the European Union, the World Bank, the United Nations and the leadership of many nations, such as France, Colombia, Poland, the UK, China, and Singapore.

Thanks to I3 Update/ENTOVATION International News, we have been able to feature many of these stories in the Global Knowledge Primer and under What's New. But the real stories are in the hearts and minds of the hundreds of thousands people around the world who have a glimpse of what might be possible in a Knowledge Economy - one based upon the leveraging of intellectual, social and technological capital...the new Knowledge Value Proposition. Many of you have been our constant companions...others have been our Sherpa guides as Charles Savage would say!

And so, what's next?!

Several major steps have been taken in recent months to provide opportunities for all involved. Coinciding with this - our 75th and final edition (at least for now!) - we have also launched the ENTOVATION 'Ba' to bring alive the concepts of our E100 Ikujiru Nonaka. You can visit the launch pages of MetaLayer - - and see for yourself a video summarizing the evolution and the current and future plans of ENTOVATION.

As of today, you are also invited to visit some of the spaces within the ENTOVATION Intranet - There you will be able to discover an orientation of the ENTOVATION Basics, the ENTOVATION Group/Alliance - a federation of interdependent businesses - that has been forming, the courses and certification programs currently being developed within the ENTOVATION Gyroscope -, the mini-dialogue sessions that have been underway through the leadership of several E100 members, and take a peak at where we're headed - Monterrey, Mexico, hosted by Dr. F. Javier Carrillo, Founding Director of the Center for Knowledge Systems, ITESM

Speaking of Monterrey, the theme for the Roundtable and the Latin American Summit co-sponsored by the Iberoamerican Community for Knowledge Systems, is 'Knowledge Cities, Knowledge Regions, and a Knowledge World'. Since the last Roundtable hosted by Esko Kilpi in Helsinki, Finland, we have envisioned EN2Polis, our International Knowledge City of the Future. Bryan Davis, founder of the Kaieteur Institute (Canada) and I are busy architecting the foundation of Knowledge Tourism, Knowledge Cultural Exchanges, Knowledge Futures Centres, Club Know, the Global Knowledge Exchange, the Worldwide Knowledge Incubator, the Institute for Innovation and Intellectual Capital (I4C), the Youth of the Knowledge Millennium Generation and even the IC Olympic Stadium. Take a glance; and know that our 'Declaration of Interdependence' is forthcoming as well as how you might be able to interact.

Of course, you can always continue to visit the links above and our PressRoom, but be assured that those of you with whom we have been affiliated hold a special place in our hearts as we enter this - the second decade of our progress. But, you may want to also bookmark the Intranet - - if for no other reason than to watch the evolution of our newest publication, the child's book for leadership executives - 'In Search of Innovation' - illustrated by Ron and Arye Dvir (Israel). May this unleash your own innovation stories to share...

Always in your Network,


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