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Debra M. Amidon, B.Sc., M.A.,M.S.

Debra M. Amidon is regarded by colleagues as a premier management visionary, architect and leader in the global knowledge economy. She has delivered 200+ invited papers and seminal publications to local, national and international audiences and has demonstrated leadership on global innovation systems and research alliances within the scientific community.

Debra has over thirty years of executive experience in education, government and industry. She is the Founder, President and Chief Strategist (1993 - present) of our business partner Entovation International. Prior to this, she held various executive positions in the Office of the President for at Digital Equipment Corporation at Maynard, Massachusetts (1981-1993) serving as Global Innovation Strategist. She has a dedicated track record in teaching and administrative positions in higher education from 1968-1981, and was the Founding Executive Director for Northeast Consortium of Colleges and Universities (1980-1981). Amidon is an Alfred P. Sloan Fellow from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She has an M.A. from Columbia University Teacher's College and a B.Sc. from Boston University. She has been on the faculty of Tilburg University (The Netherlands), IPADE (Mexico) and the Banff Centre for Management (Canada).

She has worked with many leaders to make them successful. Examples include American Express, BP, Clarica, Skandia, Steelcase North America, Telia, Dupont, Siemens. She has worked with the French government for the Grande Colloque de perspective, the Science and Technology Commission of Beijing, and the US State Department. She has been involved with various committees and task forces for for the European Union, the OECD and The World Bank.

A prolific writer, her book Innovation Strategy for the Knowledge Economy: The Ken Awakening (1997) has been translated into six languages. Other publications include Architectural Primer for Knowledge Innovation (2000), and the Global Knowledge Primer (2001) - downloadable from this website. Her newest publication - The Innovation SuperHighway is scheduled for release on October 2002.

A well-known international speaker, Debra has delivered invited presentations to several international groups which include: USSR, Academy of the National Economy; Ministry of Research for the French government; Management Center Europe; French Embassy; International Institute of Research; Butler Cox study mission; United States-Poland Joint Commission; the International Conference on Information Systems; the People's Republic of China and the Nordic Management of Technology Program; ITESM, Monterey, Mexico, Universidad de Chile, etc.

Debra lives with her husband (Clint) and daughter (Kendra) in Wilmington, Massachussets.

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