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Archive for 2002

High Thinking in New York

Along with other members of the ENTOVATION Network, David Skyrme attended the ENTOVATION round-table and the Ark conference Global KM eXchange in New York in June. Great ideas were discussed and plans for future joint activites planned. Read more about these in I3 UPDATE / ENTOVATION International News No. 63

Public Courses: Rest of 2002

Aslib's popular Knowledge Management course has already run twice this year. This is a one day course led by associate Nick Willard at which David Skyrme runs a session 'Knowledge Management in Practice'. The remaining course for 2002 takes place on 6 November in London. Contact Aslib for futher details.

The Role of Knowledge Management in Small Business Policy

In his presentation to the DEEDS (Digital Economy: Policies Exchange and Development for SMEs) 3rd policy group meeting in Brussels on 9th July, David Skyrme stressed that the best role for KM was in support of innovation. Click here to read a full copy of the paper (Word2002 format: 541kB). Further information about this interesting 3 year project can be found at the DEEDS website.

Aslib Special Conference:
Mobilizing Knowledge for Business Performance

David Skyrme gave the closing keynote plenary session Business Value from KM at this multi-strand conference covering knowledge culture, knowledge standards, virtual communities, KM skills, value, taxonomy, intranet. Copies of the presentation can be viewed and downloaded from here.

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