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Jan Ivery Carew Wyllie (F.R.S.A.)

Jan Wyllie founded Trend Monitor, the first UK content analysis based intelligence refinery in 1983 after a career in journalism and trend reporting in Canada.

In 1984, Jan was appointed a Director of Microbel where he had a unique opportunity to learn from the insights and wisdom of text-retrieval software pioneer, Dr Tony Kent on the subjects of software and knowledge management. In 1991, he became the founding editor of Aslib's bold and well respected monthly magazine, The Intelligent Enterprise.

He has been at the leading edge of developing innovative services using content analysis intelligence methodologies since 1980 when he learned the discipline from Kristin Shannon of the Canadian Trend Report. It was she who taught John Naisbitt of Megatrends fame.

In addition to directing Trend Monitor’s bespoke intelligence and software development businesses, for the past four years he has compiled and edited CRM-Trends and CRM-Monitor – a major customer relationship management intelligence source for members of the European Centre for Customer Services (ECCS).

His most recent new venture, the Global Economy Monitor, will be launched in September 2002. It is a monthly analysis what the world’s most influential business sources are saying using the content analysis methodology to identify trends, make predictions and inform commentaries.

Jan is one of the world’s first tele-workers starting in 1982 in the attic of an ancient cottage by the sea in Portsmouth. He now works from a renovated outbuilding in the middle of his half-acre vegetable garden.

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