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This page gives overview profiles of our principal consultant, David Skyrme and our Associates. Our Associates are experienced self-motivated professionals who have worked with us on various projects and client assignments. See also the page on our Business Partners, companies with whom we have ongoing working relationships.

Dr David J. Skyrme
Our principal consultant is Dr David Skyrme, a world recognized expert on knowledge management, who has had extensive line management experience in a large corporation and who regularly presents and writes for management and professional audiences. With over 25 years experience in large companies and ten years as an independent consultant, David blends deep analytical insights with practical management experience. Combining the skills of thinker, analyst, synthesiser, communicator, project manager and innovator, during his career he has been responsible for introducing new thinking, new products and services, new methods, and new initiatives. Full Profile.

Debra M. Amidon
Debra Amidon is is the Founder, President and Chief Strategist of one of our business partners Entovation International. With over over thirty years of executive experience in education, government and industry, Debra is regarded by colleagues as a premier management visionary, architect and leader in the global knowledge economy. She co-authored with David Skyrme the ground-breaking report Creating the Knowledge-based Business and has contributed to many client assignments. Full Profile.

Jan Wyllie (F.R.S.A.)
Jan Wyllie founded one of our business partners Trend Monitor, the first UK content analysis based intelligence refinery in 1983 after a career in journalism and trend reporting in Canada. He has been at the leading edge of developing innovative services using content analysis intelligence methodologies since 1980. Jan has worked with us in analyzing market trends in knowledge techologies and in developing scenarios for knowledge-based enterprises. See, for example, Ten Trends in Knowledge Management. Full Profile.

Nick Willard
We are sad to report the death of Nick on January 2009. His legacy lives on as the 'Willard model of Information Resources Management'.
Nick is a leading UK consultant in the field of information and knowledge management. A founding member of the Aslib IRM network, he is known for the Willard model that sets a framework for management of information as a corporate resource. He has acted as a KM team member for an international chemical company. We participate with Nick on courses and workshops, including Aslib's successful knowledge management courses which he created in 1997. Full Profile.

Nick Willard Photo

Bob Bater Photo Bob Bater (M.C.L.I.P.)
Bob specializes in the design, specification, development and implementation of solutions for the organization and management of knowledge and information. Over his 40-year career, he has gained extensive experience of business management systems with a wide range of information science and IT skills. Bob has worked with us conducting knowledge audits and runs complementary KM workshops. Full Profile.

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