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This page shows how this website has evolved, showing images of the home page over its lifetime. A small subset of the archived content (typically 10-30 pages) can be seen at these pages on the 'Wayback machine' Internet archive.

Initial Launch: 1995

The website was originally hosted under our ISP's domain at the time - As you can see, it was fairly basic. However, this was typical of many company sites at the time (that is, if they actually had one!)

Website 1995

Knowledge Connections: 1996-1999

Our domain - - was registered in May 1996. This was the birth of the Knowledge Connections website, with the issues of I3 Update (including early issues that had only been in hard-copy) being put online, alongside the first of our Insights.

Website 1996-9

Version 3: New Structure, New Logo: 2000-2002

By this time, there was a significant increase in content. I3 Update/Entovation International News was published monthly, articles and presentations had been uploaded. Also we created facilities for online ordering of our publications, and took our first online order - from South Africa - in October 2000.

Website 2000-2002

Version 4: New Design, Even More Content: 2002-9

The new design had drop down menus. As well as additional content in most categories, including a wider range of 'how to' guides for sale, the Site Guide, with its topic list and site map, was added. The final update of this site (without some functionality) is what you are viewing here. The image shows the home page when the site was first updated with the new design in August 2002.

Website 2000-2002

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