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These Management Insights offer perspectives on the key challenges of today's networked knowledge economy. In just a few printed pages they give executives and policy makers essential background, benefits and guidelines for success.

There are two series of Insights. The current series is organized using a similar structure for each Insight. The earlier Insights are based on various papers and presentations developed over the period for different purposes and therefore vary in format.

New Series (1997-present)

The titles are listed in reverse of order of the date of initial publication, i.e. the most recent titles are first (although some of the earlier Insights have been revised and updated.

  1. Knowing What You Know: How to conduct a knowledge audit, typically the first stage of a KM initiative.
  2. The 10Ps of Internet Marketing: Avoid common problems of many websites by following the proven principles of the new Ps that ensure marketing success on the Internet.
  3. Online Knowledge Markets: How Do They Work? Knowledge markets have advantages for buyers and sellers, but many are embryonic and need careful evaluation before participating.
  4. Do You Need a CKO? The conditions that determine whether you need a Chief Knowledge Officer; their roles and desirable characteristics.
  5. K-Commerce: Profiting From Knowledge: How to capitialize on organization knowledge through better packaging and building on your knowledge management initiative.
  6. Intranets: Sharing Organizational Knowledge: How intranets help knowledge sharing, provided attention goes beyond the technology.
  7. Measuring Intellectual Capital: New types of measures and scorecards that develop understanding of a company's value drivers.
  8. Internet Commerce: New Ways of Building Markets. How to developing customer relationships and avoid the rocky ride of those who jumped in without thinking through the implications.
  9. Knowledge Management: Making sense of an oxymoron. An overview, including strategies for success based on real-world cases.
  10. The Global Knowledge Economy: Characteristics of the emerging knowledge economy and the implications for business.

Original Series (1993-6)
  1. Innovation through Knowledge Networks: Developing new ways of innovating.
  2. The Knowledge Asset: New ways of measuring this vital resource.
  3. Knowledge Networking: Pooling expertise to create new knowledge.
  4. Market Intelligence Systems (MkIS): Turning raw information into actionable management intelligence.
  5. Information Resources Management (IRM): An essential set of techniques for managing information as a strategic asset.
  6. Getting to grips with Groupware: How to go beyond the technology to get the benefits.
  7. The Hybrid Manager: A new breed of manager for the next decade.
  8. The Impact of IT on Organizations: How IT affects strategy, structures and work.
  9. Teleworking for Enterprise: How to gain the benefits of location independent working (teleworking, telecommuting).
  10. The Learning Organization: The concept explained and how it makes organizations more successful in the long run.
  11. The Virtual Organisation: Exploiting the dynamics of space and time to create new organisaitonal entities.
  12. The Networked Organisation: How organisations are seeking new structures to become innovative and adaptive.

Management Insights are publications of David Skyrme Associates, who offers strategic consulting, presentations and workshops on many of these topics.

Additional coverage of these topics can be found in our free monthly briefing I3 UPDATE/ENTOVATION International News, various articles, publications and presentations.

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