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Electronic commerce is on a rapid growth curve. Although much focus has been on transaction mechanisms and consumer use of the Internet, less attention has been given to the use of the Internet in business-to-business marketing, to improve customer relationship management, in building knowledge communities, or as a vehicle for k-commerce. We have analyzed trends in Internet marketing and commerce since its early days and also use it extensively for our own marketing and business development. We are thus ideally placed to help you assess opportunities and develop a winning Internet marketing capability. Although similar to our Enterprise Internet consulting, this service provides more focus and depth on marketing and trading over the Internet.

Why and When?

It is never too early to experiment with Internet commerce. The pace of change means that your marketing strategies need continual review in the light of Internet developments. Today, any marketing mix that is not currently using the Internet is likely to be sub-optimal. Although we have typically been retained to carry out market entry studies, you are also likely to find our involvement helpful when you:

  • Prepare your annual marketing plan
  • Face an unexpected competitive threat from the Internet
  • Plan a launch or relaunch of a web-site
  • Are restructuring your product portfolio
  • Seek closer integration between your marketing activities and your Internet programme
  • Find than your Internet presence is not generating sufficient additional revenue


By taking advantage of our analytical insights and practical Internet experience, you can achieve the following benefits:

  • Better assessment of the impact of emergent Internet developments on your existing businesses
  • Insights into the effectiveness of your current marketing and Internet strategies
  • Identification of new opportunities that you can exploit through the Internet
  • A coherent Internet commerce and marketing approach
  • One-to-one marketing and customer relationships through the Internet.

What We Do

We combine an analysis of your marketing plan, Internet presence and Internet Trends Analysis to devise appropriate Internet marketing and commerce strategies. Typical activities include:

  • Analysis the effectiveness of your existing Internet presence
  • Market and competitor analysis, including sizing, drivers and channels as necessary
  • Review organizational capabilities - marketing mix, product portfolio, technology infrastructure etc.
  • Development of a project or programme plan.


Deliverables are tailored to client's requirements but will typically be one or more reports covering market analysis, Internet opportunities, recommendations on marketing and Internet enhancements. A market model spread sheet is another typical output.

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