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The rapid uptake of the Internet has meant many organizations hurriedly gaining a web presence. From surveys and our own analysis many organizations are providing sites that offer more glitz than substance. Similarly, many find that they have hundreds of uncoordinated information islands on their internal intranet. Our Internet consultancy service focuses on the key ingredients that help you maximize the benefits of the media.

Why and When?

Ideally, thinking through overall design principles, how business objectives are supported and scalability should be a consideration at the outset. In reality, this frequently does not happen. Our clients for this service are typically in the following situations:

  • An intranet has been installed, but it is evolving in a haphazard manner with little coordination of style and content
  • After an initial flush of enthusiasm, the external website is in need of revitalizing
  • The website has been developed by specialists in print media, not online media
  • A significant redesign is needed to take advantage of ecommerce
  • The Internet is not generating additional revenue streams
  • There has been a major organizational restructuring (even a merger or joint venture) where a new web site is needed to reinforce a new identity and strategy
  • A new venture is being planned, where the Internet can give them a competitive edge.


By taking advantage of our practical Internet experience, our strategic approach to Internet and intranet development can lead to the following benefits:

  • Closer integration of your Internet presence with your business and marketing objectives
  • Reduced operating costs, especially in print, distribution and marketing
  • Greater coordination of dispersed activities throughout your organization
  • A user-centric (rather than producer-centric) site, offering faster access to users and higher usage/conversion rates
  • Better structuring and coherence of information
  • Improved customer relationships through closer interaction.

What We Do

We take a broad strategic perspective of how the Internet and its likely developments (see our Trends Analysis Service) will impact your business and open up new opportunities. Based on our business development and marketing experience, we then demonstrate how the Internet can enhance your market presence. Typical activities include:

  • Clarifying your organizational priorities and strategic intent
  • Analysis of your existing web presence and/or intranet, using a range of criteria
  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Review of organizational capabilities - technology infrastructure, skills, information resource management etc.
  • Development of a project or programme plan.


Deliverables are tailored to client's requirements but typically include the following:

  • An Internet Strategy Report, including analysis of markets and capabilities
  • An overall Internet/intranet architecture
  • Sample Internet pages and templates
  • An outline implementation plan, showing costs and benefits.

In developing these outputs, we work closely with your existing staff and key suppliers, such as marketing staff, MIS, hardware/software providers, ISPs etc.

Further Information

To discuss your requirement in further detail please contact our principal consultant David Skyrme. Email: david@skyrme.com. Tel: +44 1635 25 35 45.

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