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Many organizations are sitting on a wealth of knowledge assets and other intellectual capital that is not being fully exploited. The development of knowledge markets and growth in knowledge consultancy now makes such exploitation easier. This consultancy service identifies the best opportunities and proposes routes to exploitation.

Why and When?

One dimension of our Knowledge Strategy Development service often provides the first indication of untapped exploitation opportunities. Situations where more detailed analysis and investigation is needed are typically where:

  • Internet start-up companies are being repeatedly mentioned by your customers
  • Your own Internet presence is not generating additional revenue streams
  • Your customers are making requests for advice or information that you have somewhere in your organization, but cannot easily supply
  • You are turning down customer business because of insufficient human resources
  • You have shelved R&D developments
  • You have project and applications experience
  • Your knowledge management programme is heavily internally focused, but has nevertheless generated significant amount of information
  • Your intranet has significantly more (20x plus) useful content than your Internet pages.


Through our systematic analysis of knowledge markets, your own marketing activities and your knowledge assets our Knowledge Commercialization and Trading Strategy service can provide you with the following benefits:

  • identification of potential opportunities for commercializing knowledge
  • analysis of market segments that could benefit from your know-how
  • comparison of alternative packaging and trading options
  • turning unpaid services into sources of income
  • generation of additional sources of revenue.

Our approach is based on:

  • Ongoing analysis of development in knowledge markets and their underlying enabling mechanisms e.g. micropayments
  • Extensive experience in business-to-business marketing
  • Our own use the Internet as a marketing channel
  • Early involvement with knowledge trading platforms such as IQ Port.
  • Excellent market analysis capabilities and skills
  • Proven experience in developing KM strategies.

What We Do

We conduct a systematic review and analysis from two directions: the outside-in ad inside-out. Typical activities include:

  • Analysis of potential knowledge assets
  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Knowledge packaging options
  • Evaluation of appropriate platforms, channels and technologies
  • Development of a productization and marketing plan.


Deliverables are tailored to client's requirements but typically includes a report with the following sections:

  • Analysis of Trends and Implications
  • Market Sizing and Scoping Analysis
  • Industry Structure Analysis
  • Positioning Alternatives - comparison with related offerings
  • SWOT Analysis - capabilities to package
  • Potential Partners
  • Recommended Actions - resources, next steps etc.

Further Information

To discuss your requirement in further detail please contact our principal consultant David Skyrme. Email: david@skyrme.com. Tel: +44 1635 25 35 45.

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