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David Skyrme Associates offers a variety of presentations and workshops that can be tailored to meet your needs. This page describes a workshop on Knowledge Commercialization. It outlines the development of knowledge markets, and demonstrates how any organization can create additional revenue streams from its unexploited knowledge assets.

Why and Who

Many organizations are sitting on a wealth of knowledge assets and other intellectual capital that is not being fully exploited. The development of knowledge markets and growth in knowledge-based consultancy now makes such exploitation easier. This particular workshop is intended for knowledge teams, business development managers and others who are seeking to leverage their organizational knowledge externally and generate new sources of revenue. It integrates three component strands - ecommerce, Internet marketing and knowledge management.


On completing this workshop you will be able to:

  • Assess the potential of ecommerce and knowledge markets as vehicles for knowledge-based revenue and profit generation
  • Identify internal knowledge assets that have external value and can be developed for sale
  • Understand the pros and cons of different Internet marketing models
  • Realistically compare alternative positioning, packaging and trading options
  • Develop a marketing plan that takes account of the unique features of online marketing and trading
  • Develop an overall plan for knowledge trading along with core principles and implementation guidelines
  • Understand the underlying drivers and success factors in this dynamically changing marketplace.

See also the list of wider benefits you can expect from attending this workshop.


This workshop provides participants with new insights into the evolution of the knowledge economy and online knowledge markets and helps them to address these key challenges:

  • Developments - What the fundamental trends in ecommerce, the knowledge economy and knowledge management? What are the resultant opportunities and threats?
  • Knowledge Markets - What is the distinctive nature of a knowledge product and market? What's the same and different compared with conventional products and markets?
  • Strategy - What are suitable knowledge assets for developing and selling? How do knowledge products support and enhance our main business?
  • Business Models - What business models are appropriate in this new environment? How does one select the most appropriate role for positioning in the marketplace?
  • Productizing - What are the best ways to productize different types of knowledge? How can one protect intellectual property?
  • Internet Marketing - What are the success factors in Internet marketing?
  • Framework for Action - What are the characteristics of a good knowledge business? How do you select suitable trading platforms and marketing channels? Which new business processes are needed?
  • Practical Examples - How are other organizations packaging and marketing their knowledge assets? What can we learn from their successes and failures?

This workshops allow participants to apply the concepts learnt to their own organizational situation, through a carefully designed set of learning cycles, each consisting of three parts:

  • Concepts - presentation of key theory and frameworks
  • Practice - small group exercises addressing key questions and choices
  • Review and questions - plenary session to draw out and share key learnings, and to address areas that need further clarification.


Knowledge Inside-Out
Knowledge Management - evolution and futures
K-commerce - the overlap of knowledge and ecommerce
Value through Knowledge - sources of value
The dot.com frenzy - where is it heading?
Outside-in: customer knowledge is vital knowledge
Inside-out: unexploited knowledge assets (exercise)

From E-Commerce to K-Commerce
The E-Commerce Advantage
The E-Commerce Progression
The Internet Effect
Knowledge Markets - physical and virtual
Knowledge Trading Platforms - characteristics and desirable features
K-Commerce Opportunities (exercise)

New Markets, New Models
Multi-layered models
From K-aggregators to K-communities - multiple roles in a dynamic market place
Alliances, Affiliates, Advertising and other Models
Developing Our K-Role (exercise)

Knowledge Productizing
The Knowledge Development Pipeline
People-based KNowledge - human capital
Object-based Knowledge - structural capital
Process-based knowledge - organizational capital
Packaging Alternatives and Examples
Inside-Out: KM Revisited (exercise)

Marketing Revisited
The 3Cs and 4Ps - What's the Same/Different?
Know Your Customer
The 7Ps of Internet Marketing
The 8th P - the most important of all
The 8P Matrix (exercise)

Developing a K-Business
What Makes a Good K-Business?
Developing a Viable Business and Implementation Plan
Case Studies
Dos and Don'ts
Critical Success Factors
Review and Getting Started (exercise)

Further Information

This workshop is customized for each client and is developed from our evolving set of structured modules. It is often a good introduction to our style of strategic knowledge consulting. Realistically this workshop requires a minimum of two days, although shorter versions are possible, especially for people who have already attended the one day Marketing on the Internet Workshop.

To discuss your specific requirements in further detail please contact our principal consultant David Skyrme. Email: david@skyrme.com. Tel: +44 1635 25 35 45.

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