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KM Planning and Implementation

Our Knowledge Management Planning and Implementation service, moves your knowledge management vision and strategy into action. A series of activities and milestones are developed in detail and resourced with appropriate skills.

Why and When?

A realistic implementation plan for a knowledge management initiative will help you gain the benefits of a good knowledge management strategy. It must integrate of business needs, knowledge levers, technological infrastructure and organization realities, invoking a programme of organizational, process and cultural change as appropriate. Typical situations where it is most effective are:

  • following a knowledge management assessment or knowledge inventory
  • following the development of viable knowledge strategy
  • where the vision and strategy do not seem to be moving forward into implementation fast enough
  • after initial KM pilot projects, where roll-out to a larger part of the organization is required
  • where existing plans and knowledge initiatives are not fulfilling their promise
  • where more effective interfaces are needed with external contractors and consultants


As a result of a realistic and effective implementation, you will typically achieve the following benefits:

  • ready access to relevant knowledge for key professionals and decision makers
  • faster and better solution to customer problems
  • minimization of duplication of effort
  • more effective sharing of best practices across your organization
  • improved innovation and new product development
  • minimizing the impact of loss of experienced knowledge workers
  • early warning of potential market changes
  • identification of new business opportunities available through better knowledge management

Our proven approach is based on:

  • Practical experience of implementing knowledge initiatives
  • Project management skills and experience
  • Knowing the critical success factors for knowledge management implementation
  • Ability to prioritize and focus resources for maximum knowledge leverage
  • Access to a world-wide network of knowledge specialists and facilitators with change management skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Using effective knowledge management techniques throughout the course of an implementation project.

What We Do

Based on a clear understanding of needs and priorities, we work with your staff to develop a realistic plan, and to assign resources. We then take an appropriate role (e.g. project manager, providing team members, implementing specific work packages) during the implementation phase. Typical activities include:

  • Developing a detailed project plan showing detailed activities, resources, milestones
  • Identifying the critical components, assessing risk factors and planning contingencies
  • Developing team member profiles, helping with interviews and appointments
  • Maintaining a project log and relevant databases
  • Regular liaison with stakeholders
  • Production of agreed deliverables to the requisite standard of quality
  • Conducting post project reviews

Our general approach is not to take project responsibility for large-scale implementations or IT systems integration, but to work alongside your own staff (or that of your contractors or other contractors we help select on your behalf) adding our unique knowledge and skills.


Implementation depends very much on the nature of the particular project. There is almost no typical deliverable, although the following are illustrative:

  • Developing an information architecture for a knowledge sharing intranet
  • Developing plans for new knowledge centre, specifying organizational requirements and working with the client to appoint a knowledge centre manager
  • Developing resources on knowledge management for a knowledge management team
  • Specifying the design of an expertise directory and the processes to create and maintain it
  • Developing criteria for new computer solutions and evaluating the alternatives.

Further Information

To discuss your requirement in further detail please contact our principal consultant David Skyrme. Email: david@skyrme.com. Tel: +44 1635 25 35 45.

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