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We pay great attention to the rigour and quality of our products and services. Our aim is to communicate and help practitioners implement complex concepts in highly practical and relevant ways. Here is a selection of the feedback we have received about our presentations and workshops, publications and briefings, and I3 UPDATE).

Presentations and Workshops

These are from feedback forms at conferences and seminars:

"Simple and powerful."
"Good overview of thought-provoking ideas. Enthusiastic."
"Interesting and creative."
"A very good overview - well delivered"
"A highly relevant talk"

These are from delegate feedback forms at the more in-depth and hands-on workshops:

"Useful and enlightening course. Very practical"
"Good practical sessions and case studies."
"Very interesting. Full of good ideas"
"Good coverage of all areas of KM without being too prescriptive" "A really enjoyable module"


About the report Creating the Knowledge-based Business:

"An excellent report, well organized, well written and full of valuable insights." (Ian Lang, Zeneca Agrochemicals)
"For organizations investigating the benefits of knowledge management or in the early stages of implementing a knowledge-based strategy, this report is required reading." (Rory L. Chase, Journal of Knowledge Management)

About the report Measuring the Value of Knowledge

"The report is insightful and comprehensive. I enjoyed it and learned some new things from it. Yes I would recommend it to others."(Gordon Petrash, Dow Chemical)
"It is an outstanding contribution to the field of Intellectual Capital measurements. It is a very well researched, comprehensive book that is a must-read for any serious researcher of Intellectual Capital." (Bipin Junnarkar, Director of Knowledge Architecture, Monsanto)

About the book Knowledge Networking: Creating the Collaborative Enterprise:

"One of the best collations of examples of knowledge management practice available in one place." (David Snowden, Director of Knowledge and Differentiation, IBM Global Services)
"What really stands out in this excellent book, is that it is written in way that successfully draws upon contemporary research and real business experience to distill practical lessons - comprehensive, accessible and thoughtful." (Pervaiz K Ahmed, Unilever Lecturer in Innovation Management, University of Bradford)

I3 UPDATE / ENTOVATION International News

"Greetings from Australia. Congratulations in Issue 26 of I3. As usual a rivetting read and always useful in practical terms. (Brian Nielsen, Principal, Nielsen Instant Knowledge Systems)
"As usual....another great email newsletter! I really enjoy your insight AND personalization of information. When you write...you do it with passion. Always read them from start to finish." (Bruce McCarron, Correlate Technologies Inc)
"I have to tell you what a pleasure it is reading this on a regular basis. Thanks for keeping my mind open and informed." (Pat Sandercock, TransCanada Pipelines)
"I appreciated your article on portals, nice job. Thanks for your research work. I am a keen reader of I3 Updates." Barbara Clinton, Editor, The Executive Desktop
"In the midst of much gibberish, crass propaganda and bombastic verbosity on knowledge and its management, you have resolutely and ably championed cogency clarity and conciseness ( 3Cs to go with your 3Is) in your communications." (Touraj Nasseri, Alberta, Canada)

For further information please see associated pages on David Skyrme Associates and a profile of our principal David Skyrme or contact him directly via email (david@skyrme.com), or telephone +44 1635 25 35 45.

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